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3 Tips To Become A More Tolerant Traveller


The travel industry has experienced a boom with the addition of cheaper flights, trains and cruises that enable now almost everyone to see the world and learn freedom of mind at the contact of different cultures. However, many travelers still see the world through a lens tinted with preconception and negative fears. Opening up to new cultures and new approaches of our universe is essential to help you make the most of your travels. What point is there to see the marvels of the world if you can’t love what you see?

A Spiritual Discovery Of The World

Tolerant Traveler

Spiritual contemplation by Nicolas Giroux

Spirituality is not another word for religion. Spirituality is a the way our ancestors have developed to explain their world and to give a meaning to the existence. There is no need for you to be of any religious faith to recognize that there might be a meaning beyond what the eyes can see and what the mind can yet comprehend. As you start travelling and discovering new countries, it is inevitable that you will come across different spiritualities and different forms of ancient and more recent wisdom. Embrace those, not as a guideline for your own existence, but as a social indicator that people can take different angles to look at the same thing. As a modern traveler of the world, you need to be ready to encounter new faiths without judging.

Pilgrimage Can Be A Life-Changing Experience For Atheists Too

There are many pilgrimage routes that run through the globe, such as the Camino de Santiago in Europe or the Kumano Kudo route in Japan. These paths are centuries old and were first designed to take pilgrims to a sacred location over a period of days of walking and hiking. The routes that remain today are still the original paths. They have been left untouched by the modern life so that you can enjoy the stunning landscape just as it used to be. For many, this is also a journey during which they learn to know themselves and recenter their focus in life. The time spent with their own thoughts in the middle of nature is beneficial for all.

Be Tolerant Of Others As You Travel

You may not be open to experiencing spirituality through travelling, whether you are atheist or religious, as a way to develop a stronger sense of tolerance. Don’t worry! The path to tolerance does not have to take you on a journey of global faith. Simple everyday exercises can already go a long way. Whatever your religious beliefs are, it is indispensable as you travel to be open-minded to other concepts, other people, other ways of living. The moment you open your mind up is the moment you become more confident about accepting mistakes and differences from yourself and from others. Additionally, an aside bonus is that you will definitely find it a lot more easy to deal with the peculiar types of passengers you will meet at the airport!


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