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4 Awesome Places To Visit In Florida

Florida isn’t known as the Sunshine State for nothing, and for many people, a holiday with sand and sun is just the rest and relaxation they need for their annual vacation. Of course, beaches are not the only attraction Florida has to offer. Fantastic theme parks, a sizzling nightlife, and some great cultural opportunities are also present and correct for the holiday maker. We have already advocated some of the more underrated states in the US, and while you should definitely visit them, Florida has to be on the wish list for most people visiting America for the first time. Listed below are four of the places that should be high on any tourist’s itinerary for their annual vacation.

Disney World


For the young, and the young at heart, Disney World in Orlando has become known as a place of magic. Millions of people visit here every year, and it is possibly the most well-known amusement park in the world. With rides and attractions based on Disney’s incredible backlog of film and television productions, there is too much to do within one day. Thankfully, there are plenty of hotels to stay in, giving tourists plenty of time to visit every area of the park, from Tomorrowland to Toontown, and live out their greatest Disney fantasies.

Kennedy Space Center

Short of going into space yourself, this is quite possibly the next best thing.  Not only can you witness actual rocket launches, but you can also experience what life is like for an astronaut with simulated experiences. With many exhibitions and attractions, including the Astronaut Hall of Fame and 3D cinematic shows, there is plenty do for any space enthusiast. Visitors should stay at Beach Place Guesthouses Hotel at nearby Cocoa Beach, offering plenty of opportunities to luxuriate in one of Florida’s greatest beaches after an intergalactic adventure.

Everglade National Park

The second largest park after Yellowstone, this subtropical wilderness protects the fragile ecosystem present in the Everglades. You can tour the swampland on foot, bus or kayaks, and take in the marvel of the incredible wildlife, from sea turtles to crocodiles. For anybody looking for a truly tropical experience away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists, this is the perfect place to visit, especially as there over 1.5 million acres to explore. However, there are designated camping grounds, so there is plenty of opportunity to explore this vast wilderness of swamps, lakes and pinelands after a night under the stars.


Not only is SeaWorld a fantastic theme park in its own right, but it is also an incredible aquarium offering plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal to the animals and sea life. For the aspiring Jacques Cousteau, there is the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, dive with the sharks (thankfully caged) and explore an incredible undersea world with all kinds of tropical fish. Disney World may have some of the greatest rides in Orlando, but SeaWorld almost compares, with the terrifying Kraken roller coaster and massive water slides through lush scenery and mysterious lagoons. Nearby hotels will accommodate the underwater travellers.

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