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A Journey To The Fun: 5 Types Of Travel For Every Traveler’s Bucket List

In most situations, the journey is a sacrifice that has to be made in order to visit a place where you can enjoy a fantastic vacation. But what if the journey itself could be a holiday highlight? Well, it can. Variety is the spice of life, and some of these journey types are once-in-a-lifetime luxuries. Still, ensuring that you gain those magical experiences at one stage or another can make all the difference to your holiday happiness. Here’s all you need to know.

Travel By Train

Train journeys can be boring at times, especially when commuting to work. However, some of the world’s iconic routes can provide a unique experience while offering plenty of places to stop off at along the way. The Trans-Siberian is the most famous. Book overnight stays with a bed, and you’ll be ready to cram loads into your trip. Conversely, the bullet trains in Japan are an experience that anyone touring this part of Asia should incorporate.

Take A Road Trip

You don’t necessarily need to travel halfway across the globe to enjoy a great vacation, and road trips prove it. They are the perfect idea for a flexible family holiday that allows you to complete the activities that have been on your to-do list for a while. As long as you pack the appropriate items for your journey, it could be one of the least stressful of your life. OR if you’re planning to take this option on a regular basis, buying an RV may be the answer.

Fly By Private Jet

If you ever became a billionaire, virtually all long journeys would be completed by private jet. While buying your own aircraft might not be a possibility, you can still experience that immense luxury. Using a private jet charter is far more affordable than you’d imagine. Moreover, it will add a sense of style and excitement to the holiday. Best of all, it removes the hassle of spending hours in the airport alongside the most annoying people imaginable. Suddenly, your trip of a lifetime just got a whole lot better.


Hiking and exploration activities are something that many of us try to enjoy for a small part of the holiday. However, taking on challenges like the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or climbing a mountain can become the main part of the trip. Technically, you’ll still be required to travel to a nearby location. Nonetheless, stopping short of the final destination and reaching it by foot turns the journey into an adventure of its own. Frankly, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.


Cruises might not appeal to everyone at a glance, but they are popular for a reason. In truth, it’s a type of holiday that everyone should try at least once. It gives you the best chance to see multiple countries in a short space of time and also offers a sense of luxury too. Whether you travel alone, with friends, or family doesn’t matter. Add a cruise to your bucket list. It’s almost certain that you’ll want to book a second soon after.

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