Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

Thailand: Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai – A Photo Essay

A small city in Northern Thailand surrounded by hills and lush-green forests, Chiang Mai has turned into one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. The beautiful temples dotted all over and in the outskirts of Chiang Mai draw visitors from all over the world. However it is the amazing array of Thai food that this city serves which makes for an authentic Thai experience. From the numerous hip cafes and the local restaurants to the bustling food markets, Chiang Mai has some of the most lip-smacking food when it comes to Thai cuisine.

During the eight days in Chiang Mai, I have been part of several misadventures including snakebites and an almost damaged iPhone. However, sampling the different foods in the night markets did make things better. Here are some of the best foods I have had in Chiang Mai.

Chicken and long beans in red curry paste
Chicken and long beans in red curry paste
Green Mango Salad
Green Mango Salad

The green Mango salad orΒ Som Tam MamuangΒ was the first thing I ateΒ after reaching Chiang Mai. This is one of my all time favorite dishes in Thai cuisine. The sweet, sour and spicy flavors of this dish along with the fruity raw Mango makes for a mouth watering combination.

Steamed Gyoza
Steamed Gyoza
Fried glass noodles
Fried glass noodles

The two food markets at the Chiang Mai night bazaar are a heaven for food lovers. Cheap and tasty, the range of foods vary from Thai, Seafood, Indian, Chinese, Steaks and a lot of fruit stuff. The prices range from as low as 20 Baht to 250 Baht. The two food markets are the best places to have local fare at affordable prices with a very social dining setting. The Pad Thai below was for just 20 Baht and it was one of the best we have had.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai at the night market


Khao Soi – A special mention about this this dish that is specific to Northern Thailand and Laos. Arguably the best food in Chiang Mai, this dis comprises of egg noodles and deep fried crispy noodles served with curry sauce containing coconut milk. This dish is not that easily found elsewhere apart from Northern Thailand.

Khao Soi
Khao Soi

Getting a taste of authentic Thai food and culture is what northern Thailand is about apart from the beautiful landscapes. The Thai food is so much more than the usual Tom Yum or Pineapple Fried Rice if one moves towards the north in places like Chiang Mai, Pai, Isaan. There is probably no better way than the local food markets if you want to taste the local fare at affordable prices and in a shorter timeline.




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  1. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Wow, these foods look so delicious! I would definitely like to try some Khao Soi when I visit Northern Ireland or Laos.

  2. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    These photos are making me hungry! I love gyoza and glass noodles, and Khao Soi sounds really delicious. I need to visit Chiang Mai!

  3. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    When I travel somewhere I always try to experience as many new local cuisine dishes as I can. On one of your pictures you showed a dragon fruit, which is absolutely my favorite from all the exotic fruits, would love to try it. Which dish would you recommend the most for me when I go to the Chiang Mai?

  4. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Asian food is our favorite and with touch of Thai is heaven. These pictures are drool worthy especially the Mango Salad and the glass noodles. Thanks for sharing and making us hungry πŸ˜‰

  5. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai is a truly a food haven. They serve foods that are only found in their region. I particularly liked their steamed gyozas and their wonderful arrays of fruits.

  6. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    As a FOOD and TRAVEL writer and blogger, this is my dream post! I have been to Ciang Mai many years ago, and remember how good the food was then and it seems to be just as good now too! Fabulous photos and what a colourful array of deliciousness! Karen

  7. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Thai food is so delicious and I am never disappointed whenever I eat it. I love all the pictures and wish I could grab some of it through the screen!

  8. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I’d love to go to Thailand to explore the culture and of course its gastronomy. I’ve tried Thai food here in Europe but I bet it is not the same as what you would get over there!

    • Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

      For the best and authentic Thai food, Thailand is the only place. And I am saying that after having eaten Thai food in different countries

  9. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I love Thai food. My all time favourites are the green and red curry with plain rice.. These looks great too will try them/something similar if I get a chance.

  10. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai is definitely a must for most travelers – solo backpackers or group tourists! Food and Accommodations are cheap and people are so friendly, sometimes I think Thailand is a paradise πŸ˜€

  11. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    The best thing I know about Thailand is not just the beaches and picturesque temples, but also their food. One of my favorite is the steamed Gyosa. Really delicious!:D

  12. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I’ve heard a lot abotu Chiang Mai and I was so curious about this destination/ island. I’d love to go, but moslty for the food after this post! The food seems amazing and delicious, and todly what I’ll hit for!

  13. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I wish I didn’t read this πŸ˜› It’s made me too hungry! I’d kill for some mango salad and Khao Soi pictured there. Loved Chiang Mai – was there for the Vegetarian festival last year which was a super treat πŸ™‚

  14. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    That food looks delicious! I love the Thai food we get in the United States, but obviously it would be better to eat it in Thailand. And I’d especially like to try the special Khao Soi!

  15. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I have never been much in Asia, but I can only imagine that the food is absolutely amazing once in the Country. Do they do much Vegetarian Food?

  16. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai
    Jen MorrowAuthor

    Delicious looking photos! I have never eaten Thai food in Thailand, need to try that.

  17. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai
    Vyjay RaoAuthor

    The food looks so colourful and spectacular, almost too good to eat. A proverbial case of having the cake and eating it too!

  18. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I admit I don’t really know much about Thai food except for the pad thai, and the rest dishes I’ve tried didn’t leave a lasting impression so I don’t remember them at all. This made me re-think about trying Thai dishes. The green mango salad is mouthwatering!

  19. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    To bad we’ve already been to Chiang Mai! Your blog makes me want to again. And it makes me hungry πŸ˜‰

  20. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I couldn’t agree more, going to local food markets is always the best way to experience both the authentic local food and culture! It’s something I always do too when traveling to a foreign country.
    As for night markets, though, I’ve only been to some in China, but Thai ones do really seem to have a particular charm of their own, plus those dishes look absolutely delicious! πŸ™‚

  21. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Take you for taking me to a gastronomic trip to Thailand even with your pictures.
    Thailand is one of the place I long wanted to visit for historical reasons and the beach.
    But this is one is another reason. The mango salad is very intriguing and Pad Thai too!

    What’s your other favorite food from Thailand mate?


  22. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Gyoza, dragon fruit and glass noodles!!! Oh so yummy! I do want to try the Khao Soi. I’m curious on how coconut milk can be used in curry sauce! πŸ˜€

  23. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I need to visit this! The food seems so good thanks for taking lovely photos. I’ve tried Pad Thai before and it was amazing.

  24. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Ahh Thailand. Each city offers something special–Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai all have their different personalities. The food especially, everywhere you go in Thailand looks special. Look at all those exotic fruits!and the Khao Soi! yum πŸ™‚

  25. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I enjoy Thai food. Love especially the glass noddles. The green mangoes are perfect as well for their bagoong rice. I seldom go out and if given the change to leave house this week, I would want to have dinner or lunch at a Thai restaurant.

  26. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai
    Jessica AyunAuthor

    Oh, how’s your snakebites? I love Thai Noodles though I never been in Chiang Mai yet. I once tasted the Green Mango Salad but I guess it’s not in Thailand.

  27. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    I really enjoyed your post. Sadly, i’m not very familiar with Thai food. After reading this and looking at all that deliciousness, i can’t wait to try it out πŸ™‚

  28. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    If eyes could eat then my eyes would have popped out of its sockets. Beautiful photos and tasty food. I especially like some of the Thai foods you featured. Gyoza… Glass noodles… Yummy!

  29. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Aah, I remember my trip to Thailand. What a great foodie place. I enjoyed eating from all the different street vendors.

  30. Best of Thai Food in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai really is a special place! It makes me want to go back and try a bigger variety of food! Thanks for sharing.

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