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Pakistan and India – breaking barriers and coming together to create something beautiful. This is the story of Shayan and Kanika, founders of travel blog Dose Of Life and my guest on Inspiring Travel Bloggers. I have collaborated with their blog recently and have been following their Bangkok diaries through social media channels. Today on this feature of Inspiring Travel Bloggers, we get to know more stories about their amazing journey, life in Bangkok and of course some travel tips.

Tamshuk : Shayan and Kanika, share with us the story behind the inception of Dose of Life. When and how did you get the idea of starting your own Travel and Lifestyle blog?

Shayan & Kanika : We just reached our 1 year anniversary of the blog this month and it has been an exciting year. Dose of Life came about from our growing passion for things around us. Shayan had been reviewing a lot of hotels and restaurants on Tripadvisor and it made us think, why not create our own platform for this?We were also bored of our everyday life – work, workout, eat, and go out with friends. Repeat!! But we wanted more out of life and the blog was a means to do so. It was our way of making sure life doesn’t escape us. The blog lets us do more – explore new places, try new things, and of course document it for ourselves and the world. For example, we’ve seen more of Thailand (and visited more countries) in the last year than in 5 or 10 years. Dose of life is our way of injecting some REAL life into our lives.

Tamshuk : I follow your Instagram stories almost everyday and most often than not, I get pleasantly surprised with the photos from relatively unknown places in and around Bangkok. Tell us about one such unusual/unknown or not so touristy place that you like the most and would suggest to any visitors to Bangkok.

Shayan & Kanika : The thing about Bangkok is that you just need to go off exploring and go in the tiny streets where you’ll come across all sorts of unique things. But if you really want to get off the beaten path, head towards Thonburi side and you’ll experience a different side of Bangkok – the real Bangkok. Also other interesting places to see are: Bang krachao and Pak Kret. If you’re into weird things, see the Siriraj Medical Museum or the Airplane Graveyard.

Photo Credit @ Dose of Life
Photo Credit @ Dose of Life

Tamshuk : Your blog has a “Style and Beauty” section which is mostly managed by Kanika (correct me if I am wrong on this). Was it a conscious effort to have this section on your blog from the beginning? I must say, it does make Dose Of Life stand out among other travel blogs out there.

Shayan & Kanika : That is correct, especially the beauty part but we haven’t been focusing on this much…yet. But yes it was a decision from before because we wanted to write about things we like. And Kanika loves beauty, style and fashion. She studied fashion marketing and she loves to dress up. To be honest, so does Shayan even though he hates to admit it. We’ve seen too many blogs also focus on “we don’t care about how we look. It’s about the experience”. While all true, we also need to be true to ourselves and we like to travel in style.

Tamshuk : I loved reading the posts in the “Eats and Drinks” category as I myself love to explore different cuisines during my travels. As a big fan of Thai cuisine, I know about a lot of wonderful dishes but here I would want to know the best Thai food for each of you and also the one Thai dish you are not that fond of.

Shayan & Kanika : Food is definitely a big part of our travels. We get really excited about trying new cuisine when we do. For Thai food, we are pretty biased since we love it and can’t live without it. Shayan is absolutely crazy for Kapao Gai (basil with chicken) while Kanika loves it. In terms of dishes not fond of, Shayan isn’t fond of Thai desserts. He doesn’t even like mango with sticky rice. Kanika, on the other hand is a lot more adventurous with food but she has a weak stomach so she has to be careful with dairy or food from the streets.

Inspiring Travel Bloggers
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Tamshuk : Your “POW (People of the World)” section just got the first feature which is a collaboration with four travel bloggers about the friendliest locals over the world. Tell us, how important it is for travelers to blend in with the local communities especially when it is a longer journey across a destination?

Shayan & Kanika : Like the section says, it’s the people that make a destination. The places get us there but the people (and food) are what ultimately decides if one should stay in a country. So it is very important for long-term travelers to try and blend with the community. For us, we never blended with the Thai community. Bangkok is such a melting pot; we’ve kind of stuck with our community of Pakistanis and Indians. But we do make the effort to interact with locals as well. Its part of the reason we started this blog.

Tamshuk : India and Pakistan!! The whole world knows the equation between the governments of our two countries. I say governments only because I feel majority of the common population in India and Pakistan do not have animosity towards each other. Tell us how difficult (or easy) was it to overcome this Indo-Pak barrier with your families especially, when you decided to get married.

Shayan & Kanika : Wow, this was a huge challenge. It involved a lot of arguments, convincing and some tears from the family for it to happen. It was especially difficult for Shayan’s mom to cope. But now the families get along so well. Basically we dated for 5 years, took 1 year of convincing, 1 year engagement and now we’ve been married 2 years.

Photo Credit @ Dose of Life
Photo Credit @ Dose of Life

Tamshuk : A fun question. How is it at home during the India vs Pakistan sporting events (cricket, hockey)?

Shayan & Kanika : Kanika is not a fan of cricket and definitely not hockey but we do hang out with friends when the matches happen and it is a very intense atmosphere. It’s more intense for Shayan since he’s the odd one out being the only Pakistani. It’s fun though. A lot of energy.

Photo Credit @ Dose of Life
Photo Credit @ Dose of Life

Tamshuk : Finally, what is the first thing you would suggest any visitor to do do/eat/see in Bangkok?

Shayan & Kanika : That is always a really open-ended question. Whenever anyone asks us this, we go blank because there are just so many things you could do here. It really depends on what you like to do and there is almost something for everyone. But basically, we would suggest doing a bit of research and being ruthless with what you’re looking to do. If you have a short time in Bangkok, it can seem very overwhelming because there’s so much to do. Now of course if it is your first time, the Grand Palace and temples are a must. Other than that, just go explore. You can even opt to do some local tours, which are great because they show you the real Bangkok in a short time. Check out Co Van Kessel, Take me tour and Expique. You can also read our non-touristy things to do in Bangkok post.

Thank you very much Shayan and Kanika for sharing your stories and views with us. Your journey is definitely the one to look forward to and we hope to get more of your amazing tips on travel, lifestyle and food.

Get inspired by Shayan and Kanika, learn more about Thailand, get some valuable style tips and more on their blog Dose of Life and social media (Facebook,Twitter and Instagram).

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Inspiring Travel Bloggers: Shayan and Kanika – Dose of Life

Interview with Jaimee Nicole – Travel Pray Love

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From Canada to Belgium, For Love – these words signify the amazing story of Jaimee Nicole, my guest on Inspiring Travel Bloggers.  Jaimee is the founder of travel blog Travel Pray Love where, drawing from her experience of moving to a different country, she shares valuable tips on Immigration, Culture Shock, Long Distance Relationships and Pregnancy while abroad. Having met Jaimee on social network and collaborated on a couple of blog posts since January 2016, I have been following her stories through Travel Pray Love. Read on as Jaimee shares more about her fantastic journey with us.

Tamshuk: Jaimee, you are going to be a mother very soon. Many congratulations !!

Jaimee: Thank you.

Tamshuk: Jaimee, the biggest reason why I absolutely love your blog is that you’ve created something unique when it comes to a “Travel” blog. Rather than destination guides, you’ve focused on long-term moves to other countries while touching on some of the emotional journey that comes with it. What made you think of these topics when you started Travel Pray Love?

Jaimee: I think there’s something really special about moving to another country and creating a life that’s not only about adventure and travel but that’s just your life. Your life won’t always be exciting and thrilling – I sometimes write posts about my every-day life here in Belgium because it shows that I’ve really actually started a life in a new country and I’m not just traveling around all the time doing things that not everyone can do. Traveling is so great, and I love travel blogs (I am seriously subscribed to too many to count!), but I think Travel Pray Love offers a realistic view about what expat life is like. Your every-day life can be great too, you don’t always have to be solo-traveling or hitch-hiking or something! travel pray love tattoo belgium border
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In the beginning of the blog, I tried to do the typical travel blogger “destination”/”top 10” kind of posts. While I do like those, I just realized that I had a unique perspective and I should share it! The more I wrote about expat life, the more I realized that it really is a good niche because (like you said), a lot of bloggers tend to focus on the perpetual travel lifestyle where this blog can focus on building a life in a new country and creating different “home bases” as you travel. I like that Travel Pray Love is a little different now, and I absolutely love that it’s become this place where you can read (and submit) expat guides that many people who move to new places can relate to.

Tamshuk: A very simple question this one which I suppose will have an even simpler answer. Why the name “Travel Pray Love”?

Jaimee: There are a lot of blog names out there (some even similar to Travel Pray Love), and although my blog name does have a resemblance to the EAT PRAY LOVE book by Elizabeth Gilbert (which I LOVE) – the idea behind it is a lot simpler. I just think, if you do these things, you will be happy in live; Travel far, Pray often And Love deeply”, without limits or expectations. TRAVEL PRAY LOVE meaning
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Tamshuk: Your personal story is an inspiration. You moved from Canada – your home country to Belgium to be with the man you love. Tell us, how difficult or easy decision it was three years back and what kind of emotions you went through while taking that decision?

Jaimee: I think at the time of my first move (when I was 21, back in 2013), I really just kind of jumped in. We had done 1.5 years of long distance (flying back and forth between the countries every 5 or 6 months) and I was just sort of tired of it. I needed a change and that change had to bring me closer to him. I even considered taking au-pair jobs in England or Scotland because they were at least A LITTLE closer to him. It worked out that I was able to get a one year holiday visa to actually live in Belgium and I just sort of went. I think that being so young really gave me the opportunity to not over-think it.

For my second move, that was a no-brainer. My one year visa was almost over in Belgium and I was running out of money – so I moved back to Canada (for 9 months) to re-group, find another visa plan and save some money. In those 9 months it became so clear to me that Belgium had become my home and that I needed to do whatever it took to get back there. It wasn’t just about my boyfriend anymore, it was about the life I’d created in Belgium and I knew that I would move back there (for the foreseeable future) as soon as I could.

Tamshuk: On your blog, you have posted articles on Immigration and Visa processing. The post “Stages of Applying for A Travel Visa” is an amusing piece of writing and yet so true. As an expat(former) and traveler(now) I can easily relate to your Immigration posts. Tell us in a few words, what do you feel was the most difficult part regarding Immigration when you moved to Belgium?

Jaimee: Thanks – I’m so glad you found the Stages of Applying for a Travel Visa post amusing – because I wrote it at a time when I was less than amused with the Belgian immigration system. I think the most difficult thing about immigration is that every single case is different and you will probably be told multiple (different) answers to the same question – which makes things really confusing and very, very stressful.

In 2013, when my first visa was about to expire and my bank account was almost empty, we asked our city hall if there were any other visa(s) we were eligible for at that time. Because my boyfriend was a student in university at the time, we “weren’t eligible” for the common law visa (which we have now). So I moved back to Canada. A few months after I moved back to Canada, I contacted my own government to see what our visa options were, and was told that we were eligible for the common law visa if he had sufficient savings in a bank account (which he had), because all they really needed was proof that I (the sponsored/foreign person) wouldn’t be living off their welfare systems and that my partner could support me if needed. So it was VERY frustrating because I wouldn’t have moved back to Canada if we’d been told we could have applied for this common law visa back at the beginning of 2014 when my first visa was ending. Instead, I moved back to Canada for 9 months and came back to Belgium to start the common law application process in 2015.

Tamshuk: You have written a three-part series on “Canada to Belgium Culture Shock”. Somehow I feel the words “Culture Shock” have a mostly unfavorable reputation among travelers, expats and immigrants. Name one instance of “Culture Shock” that you found really pleasant when you experienced it in Belgium.

Jaimee: I really think too, that the words “culture shock” come off as sounding negative and I feel like (with all the “complaining” I do on the blog about Belgian culture shock) – that I’ve perpetuated this! It’s totally not true! culture shock
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While there are many things that were happy surprises to me when moving to Belgium, I think the biggest one (that’s had the most impact on my life) is that there’s a really positive atmosphere here when it comes to finances. People are really smart with their money and it’s starting to rub off on me and I love it! I came here with a ton of Canadian college debt and an almost maxed out credit card – and I’ve not only significantly paid down my debts but have actually built a savings account (which is something I’ve never had in my entire life)

Tamshuk: Long distance relationship is something that does not work out for many folks. I myself have been heart-broken when I was in a long distance relationship. But for travelers like us, LDR is almost unavoidable at some point in our lives. What is the most important factor, according to you, that makes a long distance relationship work?

Jaimee: (Oh, I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you!) I definitely think that it’s not something that’s for everyone, and I really know that sometimes love just isn’t enough. You can have all the right stuff – the chemistry, the love, the romance, the passion – and sometimes geography is the only thing that stands between two people. I think the most important factor in a long distance relationship (either a romantic one or a platonic one) is patience and realism. I think a lot of people might say the key is communication, and don’t get me wrong, communicating is important – but I think you need to be really realistic with yourself and with each other about how long immigration processes can take and when you will be able to be together. I know a lot of LDR couples who have thought they can just move to another country and live together and it’s very rarely that easy. Having those kinds of unrealistic expectations (on yourself and your partner) is really tough to get out from under. spontaneous LDR trip
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Another thing that is really helpful is spontaneity. When I found out I had to move back to Canada (which meant months more of long distance for us), we booked a spontaneous weekend in Paris before I left. Sometimes you have to just forget all the immigration and the distance troubles and get back to what makes you click as a couple – and for us that has always been traveling and having fun.

Tamshuk: Your readers were so glad when you started the “Pregnancy” section on your blog and you’ve shared some wonderful tips/advises through those posts. What is that one most important post that you want expecting couples to read as a first thing on your blog?

Jaimee: I think the most important post on pregnancy I have made so far is the very first one I wrote, which is How to Decide Where to Have Your Baby If You’re Living Abroad. My boyfriend and I decided back in October of 2014 that we wanted to start a family, and we spent months talking about WHERE that family would start. Obviously we are able to move with the child if we wanted to, but where you start your family (where your baby is born) has a HUGE impact on not only your lives but your child’s life. Belgium, Canada….it was a tough choice – both have positives and negatives. What kind of passport the baby will have, what nationality the baby will have, how easily the child will be able to attend schools and travel – all of those things were things we talked about for months beforehand and I think it’s something every international couple has to address. everyday life - Christmas
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Tamshuk: And one fun final and quick question. Canada or Belgium?

Jaimee: (HA!) I LOVE this question! I get asked by my boyfriend’s family all the time why we chose to live in Belgium instead of Canada (even for the sheer size of it, Belgium is so tiny comparison). I think both have their merit for different things and for a long time I tried to decide which felt more like “home” and which I liked better – but I’ve realized that I love both equally for a multitude of reasons. I find myself going to either country for certain things these days. I generally go to Canada in the winter because I miss the crisp, cold weather compared to Belgium’s sometimes gloomy and inconsistent weather. But when it comes to food and drink, I’d give it to Belgium hands down (beer, fries, the bread, the chocolate…) – how can I not? Canadian winter

I think both places have so much to offer and I’ve learned to take the best and leave the worst from both places – it’s the best thing about have your home in two different countries!

Thank you Jaimee for sharing so much. Your story is an inspiration to folks like me who believe that there is nothing better and beautiful than Love. Your blog – the theme, design and posts – actually does justice to the words “Travel Pray Love”. I will follow your stories as I have always done and look for more inspiration. Wishing you Good Luck for December 🙂 🙂

Get inspired by Jaimee and take in her valuable tips on her blog Travel Pray Love and social media (Facebook and Twitter). Also, checkout some awesome videos on her Youtube channel.


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Interview with Jaimee Nicole – Travel Pray Love

Inspiring Travel Blogger : Liana Cohen – Tomboy Chronicle


An inimitable fashionista from the city of Paris, Liana Cohen is my guest on this week’s Inspiring Travel Bloggers. Through her Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography and Travel blog “Tomboy Chronicle”, Liana shares stories about her unique fashion sense, valuable photography tips and motivating words of positivity. I have been regularly reading her effortless words on Tomboy Chronicle ever since I got acquainted her through social network channels. Here we get to know more about Liana as she shares her stories and anecdotes.

Tamshuk: Liana, I have to ask about the name of your blog – Tomboy Chronicle. How did you get to relate yourself as a Tomboy?

Liana: Hi Tamshuk! First, thanks for getting back to me, I’m really glad and I appreciate you interviewing me. As I’ve stated in my ‘About’ section, I’ve came up with Tomboy Chronicles for mostly 2 reasons: first, because I do dress like a Tomboy, I love pairing really minimalist pieces with sneakers – any comfy shoes. I’m that kind of woman who’s always running around, and I have to admit, running in heels isn’t something I do enjoy. As for the name, I’ve been always gravitating around the idea of telling stories under the form of chronicles. I though pairing both features came up easily, and made me feel like it sounded right!

Tamshuk: It has been almost three years since you started Tomboy Chronicle. What made you think about starting your own blog?

Liana: Well, I can’t believe it’s already been three years! I’ve been starting my own blog because I was always attracted to the world of Fashion and photography. I grew up with magazines – and not only Glamour and Vogue – and thus, I was always fascinated with the Fashion Editorials. Afterwards, around 2012, I was reading a lot of blogs online on the Bloglovin’ platform, and I was always fascinated with the styling, the art and the photography behind the stories those girls were telling their audience. That’s why I decided, one morning, to create my own platform. It was essential for me to put those thoughts out there, and to create something I’d be unconditionally proud of.


Tamshuk: What would you suggest (to do, see, eat or anything) that one thing about Paris to a first time visitor other than the Eiffel Tower?

Liana: As a Parisian, there are a lot to see, eat and do in Paris, and nothing related to the Eiffel Tower! As for eating, I have my favorite places – I have to mention Coutume Café and Oberkampf Café. They are my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. As to do, I love wandering around Les Quais and take a stroll through the L’Ile de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement. One thing that one must see is Les Jardins du Palais Royal. They are definitely the one place you should go to when the sun is shining! As for the visits, I love to go to Museum such as the Orsay Museum, or the Orangerie one. They are just incredible museums, and much more interesting than the Louvres. 

Tamshuk: You are from Paris and you have lived a considerable amount of time in Israel. Share with us a couple of your memorable moments while living in Tel Aviv, experiencing the culture and getting to know the stories of several people there. Also, give us a couple of reasons why the country deserves more visitors.

Liana: I have so many memories from my stay in Tel Aviv. One of my most memorable moment would have to be the night around February where I volunteer to be a waitress – free of any charges – at a wedding of a couple who were broke, and who didn’t have any savings to pay for any of the performers (cater, waitresses, musicians). I’ve come along this amazing opportunity through a friend of mine who knew the association behind this project – which is called the Mabrouk project. It was a hell of a lot of work, but it worth the long hours of work and the fatigue. I had the chances to talk with all the volunteers and with the weds, and their stories were just awesome. Giving my time and my energy was so reward full, because for once; it wasn’t self-centered.

It wouldn’t have to be the only memory I can share with you. Another one was being able to work with a photographer and realize several shootings with her, along the coast of Tel Aviv in Jaffa. She became a friend, and I think she’s definitely one of the most talented girls out there!


Israel is a country that really deserves more visitors, and there are loads of cliche around it that people buy. From one place to another, everything, from the landscapes to the people living there, is different. I’ve been travelling through the whole country during my stay, and each time I fell more in love with this place. I’ve met so many amazing people, and their culture is a mix between the oriental and the European one. Indeed, Israel is in between, and they got some features from the European vibe, and I met some features of my Parisian life there, but it’s incredible how you feel the vibe of the Middle East whenever you go. As an example, Jerusalem is close to Tel Aviv, but both city are so much different. One is the holy city and still has been developing some cool features – there are ton of Music Festivals there – and the other is known as the White City, the city that never sleeps. It’s just an example but I could talk hours about this country and especially of my favorite place: the Desert, which is called the Negev in Hebrew. I love being cut off from everything, from the buzz when I’m just surrounded with sands, camels and stars.

Tamshuk: Your blog is about Fashion, Lifestyle and Photography. However, you did publish some motivational posts such as “How to turn negativity into positivity” and “4 ways to help you take better decisions”. Tell us how important do you think it is for people to stay focused on being positive in life through all and any situations.

Liana: I’ve been blogging about those subjects, because I think we do need to stay positive through life. Life is going to through you obstacles all the time, and there are so many ways to defeat them: staying positive, staying confident and getting back on tracks are the things I’ve been staying true to. As for the reason, I think it’s important when you’re a blogger to share about subjects you care about, and that you think would have an impact, a positive impact, on your audience. Fashion and Photography are my passions, but I grew up this past year due to the fact that I realized it was important to stay focus on your objective, and it’s important to stay positive no matter what you’re encountering.


Tamshuk: Being a Parisian and a fashionista, both go together. You have a very interesting fashion sense which is quite easy on the eyes, minimalist and yet very unique which shows in all the photos on your blog. This style of yours, would you say it was something you always had within or was it something that evolved gradually over time?

Liana: I do think it was something I’ve always had within, but it had gradually evolved over time. I finally picked the most features of my style recently. I came across the colors I’d be wearing mostly, what suits me, and what I’d love to wear. Now, it’s definitely part of who I am, and what I wear.


Tamshuk: In my previous interview with Veronica (Siniciliya), she mentioned about digital detox. You too have published an entire post about Digital Detox. On some level, do you feel that people in today’s time are in need of a Digital Detox more than ever?

Liana: I read that, and I do feel people need to go through a digital detox from time to time. I try to do it once a week, because mostly, as a blogger, my phone is glued to my hands. Some people don’t understand the whole concept of building a brand, or of Instagram and how you should handle it. I do need those digital tools, and I’m passionate about this new Social media era. Sometimes it’s getting hard to follow, and I do feel I need to take a step back, and just reassess everything to start again, the day after, to be better at what I do.

Tamshuk: Finally, Recognition, Money, Power – all of us have different versions of Success. As a blogger and as a person, what does success mean to you?

Liana: As a blogger, success means recognition. Money come along, but when you’re a blogger in 2016, it’s really to get brands attention and get paid for any articles you write. There are major bloggers out there, and I get a lot of inspiration from there, because they are in the biz from a long time, but I do feel I have to work on building my own brand to be able then to get some recognition from my peers. Thanks Tamshuk for your honest and interesting questions. Honestly, I’ve loved answering them, and it was so interesting to finally know what you, as a reader, think about my writing, my blog and my travel experience! It was a pleasure, and I hope you’re going to like my views upon such subjects.


Thank you Liana for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep bringing on more of your lovely posts on Fashion, Travel, Inspiration and Life. Your blog makes for a refreshing read for all of us.

Follow Liana and her amazing stories on her blog Tomboy Chronicle, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.



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Inspiring Travel Blogger : Liana Cohen – Tomboy Chronicle

Inspiring Travel Blogger : Veronica Pototska – Siniciliya

Photo credit
Photo credit

Travel blogger, journalist, photographer, TV show host, entrepreneur – Veronica Pototska is my guest on this week’s Inspiring Travel Bloggers. Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, Veronica has been making a strong and steady influence in the world of travel blogging through her travel blog Siniciliya where she shares her travel experiences with several valuable travel tips to the readers. She is also the successful founder of Travel Mode On – a digital content agency. I met Veronica through a Facebook travel group and since then I have been getting inspired following her travels.Read the interview below as she shares her stories, anecdotes and suggestions with us.

Tamshuk: Tell us about the story behind the name of your blog – Siniciliya. I mean, it is just so unique. The name doesn’t give away what your blog is about yet it is intriguing enough for readers like me to visit.

Veronica: At the age of 7,I heard that one could own an island. Back then it sounded like a whole different universe to me. I still dream to own a tropical island someday and it will be named Siniciliya. The name itself is a wordplay of my maiden name Sinitsa and an island in Italy called Sicily (locals call it Sicilia or Siciliya).

Photo credit
Photo credit

Tamshuk: What was your motivation to travel places and write about your experiences?

Veronica: I was born in the end of the USSR period and I was growing up knowing that a very limited amount of people could leave the country and see the world. Of course, those people could only be a part of guided group and they could not explore the places they could visit. But I read a lot of books written by Jules Verne and dreamed that someday I would also go explore the world. So I did as soon as I got my first opportunity. I got addicted to traveling from my very first trip abroad. Whenever I came home from a new destination many people have asked me to share the stories from the countries I visited. They wanted to know about my adventures, cuisines, street food, culture, festivals, and holidays. And I loved sharing my stories and photos with them. Then I started sharing my photos and stories on social media and later created my blog Siniciliya.

Photo credit
Photo credit

Tamshuk: Any favorite destinations you have been to? And any particular place that you haven’t been yet but really want to visit?

Veronica: I have visited over 50 countries but there’s a special place for India in my heart. It has vibes and a soul, that opens to those who can understand and accept it. I have visited it 6 times already and really looking forward to exploring more. I haven’t been to Australia and New Zealand but I really want to visit them.

Tamshuk: As a traveler, you know that traveling is not only about heavenly experiences in paradise. There are bound to be some bad experiences too. Share with us what has been your most unpleasant experience when you have been traveling.

Veronica: Unfortunately, I had some very unpleasant experiences and if I were to look back at them I’d say most of them were associated with my gender. A female traveler overcomes more unpleasant situations in general. Although I always respect cultures, act and dress up appropriately, there have been situations in Turkey, Nepal and India that were way too risky. I learned that no matter what I have to listen to myself, to my intuition and remember that safety always comes first.

Tamshuk: What is the secret behind those captivating photos? Any particular camera you use those?

Veronica: The main secret behind my photos is love. Love for the place, people, vibes, moments and of course for each other. Nowadays I travel mostly together with my husband Vitaliy  and he is the photographer of many photos in my blog. Recently we held our first travel photography exhibition and we called it “The Moment”. It was about feeling a perfect moment, capturing it with a camera and sharing with the world. The camera I use is Canon Mark II.

Photo cre
Photo credit

Tamshuk: Going by the awesome photos on your blog, you are quite the fashionista. Is that a conscious effort to incorporate an element of fashion along with your travel experiences when you publish an article on your blog or is it something that just happens naturally?

Veronica: Oh, thank you, Tamshuk! Since I have now taken my blog to a new professional level, I do incorporate an element of fashion into the photographs. I want to create perfect visuals that convey a message of a particular place and a moment, or even narrate a story of a particular travel. Before I go to a new destination I try to pack accordingly. For example, I knew way in advance that I will be cruising the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong under the red sails of the Aqua Luna junk, so I chose a red floral dress by a Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. 

Photo credit
Photo credit

The street style in Hong Kong inspired me to explore the stores in Causeway Bay and choose an outfit that would say “I am Hong Kong”.

Tamshuk: The reason why I consider you to be one of the most inspiring travel bloggers is because how you stay true to all your activities – publishing new posts on your blog, managing Travel Mode On and your media assignments – yet at the same time you are always available to your followers(including me) on social media. Tell us, how important it is for you to regularly interact with your followers and fellow aspiring travel bloggers?

Veronica: My mission is to inspire others to travel the world, to see how beautiful and amazing it is and, of course, to leave one’s comfort zone. For that reason, I do my best to interact as much as possible with my followers. Of course I do devote some of my time for digital detox. Other than that I am almost always available.

Photo credit
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Tamshuk: Well, you have already achieved quite a lot as a Travel Blogger, Journalist and Entrepreneur. How would you define success or what does success mean to you?

Veronica: That’s a tricky question to which my answer was changing from year to year. At some point, I defined success as being recognized by others. Although this is still very important to me, today I define success as staying true to myself, developing my talents and exceeding my own limits.

“I define success as staying true to myself, developing my talents and exceeding my own limits”

Tamshuk: Finally, what advice or suggestions would you provide to folks like us who aspire to become an influential travel blogger?

Veronica: I would advise to stay true to yourself, do what you are best at, be professional in all areas and spread kindness in the world. Thank you, Tamshuk, for this wonderful interview.

Thank you Veronica for sharing so much. A woman of substance and truly an Inspiring Travel Blogger. I hope to continue getting inspired by your stories and travels. 

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