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Eastern Canada: The Essential Sights

As the second largest country in the world, Canada is home to a wealth of tourist sights and beautiful scenery. But with such a huge landmass before you, it can be difficult to choose which places you want to visit. Well, this guide will take a closer look at some of the top sights in the east of the country which is home to stunning natural wonders and exciting cities alike. So, here are a few of the essential sights if you are planning a trip out to eastern Canada.

Quebec City

The huge, mainly French-speaking province of Quebec is home to a wide range of places to visit. But one of the favourites is Quebec City, which is a place that is teeming with history. Full of 17th and 18th century houses and cobbled streets, you feel as if you have stepped back in time when you are wandering around this part of the country. And you would be forgiven for thinking you were in France if you has been dropped here from a helicopter!


The megacity of Toronto is one the most multicultural places in the world and boasts a wide array of different cultures all living side by side. The iconic sight that the city is most associated with is the huge freestanding CN Tower. Beyond this, half of the fun of visiting here is wandering around the diverse neighbourhoods and enjoying some of the incredible array of food and drink that is on offer.

Niagara Falls

It may be full of tourists, but that doesn’t mean that Niagara Falls in any less spectacular when you visit here yourself. Crowds gather at the railings by the falls to feel the spray in their face and hear the roar of the water thundering down. There are several ways that you can enjoy the falls including boats, platforms and observation decks – try to experience them from as many angles as possible to get the fullest picture.

New Brunswick

There are a wide range of things to experience when you go over on a trip to New Brunswick. First of all, you can head along the Bay of Fundy to see some of the most special scenery in the area including beaches, caves, cliffs and scenic drives. In the north of the province, a good place to stay is the Days Inn and Conference Centre Dalhousie. Beyond here, you have an array of coastal towns to enjoy.

Nova Scotia

The scenery in Nova Scotia varies hugely depending on where you are. The long coastline has numerous fishing harbours and sandy beaches along the way, while you could also visit the capital and largest city of Halifax.

Though there is far more to eastern Canada than the places we have just mentioned, this gives you an idea of a few of the most famous and visited sights. Ultimately, a trip to this country should be planned carefully as there are so many places to enjoy.

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