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Singapore : Five Things Not to Miss About This City

Home, Bond, Learning, Growth and Realization – these five words hold a whole lot of importance in a traveler’s life. During my journey over the years, I have come across some places that made me understand the deeper meaning of these five words. Singapore, where I had spent six years of my life, is one such place that will always be special to me. Today, it has been five months since I quit my corporate job and left the shores of Singapore in pursuit of my travel dreams. And as a tribute to the connect I feel with this prosperous nation, I will dwell upon the five things that I miss the most about Singapore. 

The Taxi Rides

Taxi Singapore

Cab ride in Singapore @tamzexplores

Yes, I know this sounds like an odd and weird thing to miss about Singapore. Especially, to most people who live in Singapore, they would find it really strange and might ask,”What is so special about taxi rides in this city? “. Well, I have just two words,” The Stories “. I have taken numerous taxi rides during my stay in Singapore and on most occasions I chatted up with the driver. I must tell you, the taxi drivers in Singapore can be some of the most interesting folks to chat with. I used to listen to the life stories of those men and women, and some of those stories were actually quite memorable. Be it the stories about the transformation years of Singapore, complaints about some government policies or just the daily routine of a taxi driver’s life, listening to those stories is why I used to enjoy the taxi rides apart from the fact that the vehicles were really comfortable 🙂

The Landmarks of Singapore

Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay. Credit @ tamzexplores


Helix Bridge. Credit @ tamzexplores

Singapore Skyline

Marina Bay Waterfront. Credit @ tamzexplores

If you have ever visited Singapore or even read about this city, you would know that Singapore has some really amazing architectural landmarks. The world-renowned Marina Bay Sands Hotel, The Singapore Flyer – giant observation wheel and Gardens By The Bay are some of the most famous among them. I personally could not get enough of Gardens By The Bay and the Marina Bay Waterfront while I was in Singapore. Especially, the Marina Bay Waterfront was quite fascinating for me because of the unique changing skyline and structures that lit up all around the place. These iconic landmarks truly are a wonderful sight to behold once the sun goes down. These were the sights I never got tired of in Singapore.

Arab Street and Haji Lane

Arab Street, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

Arab Street, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

Make no mistake about the fact that Singapore, like any other major financial hubs, is quite fast-paced with mostly hectic work schedules. However, as you step out of the Bugis MRT station and head to the quarters of Arab Street, you are greeted with a relaxed atmosphere and laid-back vibes. The alleys of Haji Lane are dotted with some really cool cafes, restaurants and bars, some of which have live bands playing during the evenings. Located right behind the Sultan mosque, this quarter has a lot of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern restaurants that are worth a try. Touted as the ‘hipster district of Singapore’, this area has quite a few backpacker hostels and is very popular among travelers.  

The shores of East Coast Park

East Coast Park, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

East Coast Park, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

My favorite place in Singapore, East Coast Park is the most popular stretch of beach in this city. Although man-made, the beaches are a perfect getaway for friends and families especially during weekends. For me, this place was the perfect spot to relax after a long day at work. The concrete platforms that extend a distance into the sea is the best place to feel the cool ocean breeze and watch away as many folks try their hands at fishing.

The Food

Chicken Rice, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

Chicken Rice, Singapore. Credit @ tamzexplores

I have traveled extensively in Thailand and Indonesia, the two countries known for their amazing cuisine. But there is something about the food scene of Singapore that is quite unique. The cultural diversity of this country reflects in the fusion that is visible in the wide range of culinary fare in Singapore. Today, Indonesian cuisine has become my favorite but I still miss the exciting variety of foods that is available in Singapore. Oh yes, I miss THE famous Chicken Rice!!

Five reasons why I miss Singapore, apart from the fact that this is the place where I attained financial stability and lived the most secure six years of my life. As we travelers say,” Every place in the world is my home”, I will always consider Singapore as one of my homes. A home where I grew as a person and a home that made me realize my dreams. Thank You Singapore!!

Why I Miss

30 thoughts on “Singapore : Five Things Not to Miss About This City

  1. Sabine

    Hahha you miss the taxi rides 🙂 that’s pretty romantic to miss. I can understand that you miss the landmarks. How beautiful they are and the food is something I miss from the Ntherlands as well (since I am Dutch).

  2. sophie nadeau

    Wow! Singapore looks so incredibly beautiful: no wonder you miss living there! Interesting that you say you miss the taxi rides: I definitely agree, people always have such fascinating stories to tell, if only you just ask them!

  3. polly674

    I would love to go back to Singapore, and hopefully I will in few years! What I miss from there? The orchids garden and the orchids in general, the quays and the Merlion

  4. Alina Popescu

    I haven’t been there, and after reading your post, I feel like I miss Singapore a little 🙂 I love the sentiment of this post I often like to reminisce over places I’ve seen and deeply miss.

  5. iamsuanlee

    As I was reading through your post I was thinking “surely Tamshuk is going to mention the food, surely!” And you did! I agree with all of the above, Singapore is special for these five reasons (and others), making it easy to miss.

  6. wanderingwagarschristina

    I have never been to Singapore nor do I know that much about it. However, after reading your post, I know why you would miss such a lovely place. The landmarks you posted are amazing. I hope to see them for myself someday. And of course, the food! I would definitely like to taste the famous chicken and rice.

  7. Rashmi and Chalukya

    We have not been to Singapore yet so cannot say about taxi ride but yes the landmarks Marina Bay Waterfront and Gardens By The Bay are a remarkable piece of architecture we would love to visit someday soon. We would definitely not miss the Haji Lane for some good cuisine and watch out for live bands for a wondeful evening

  8. siniciliya

    Tamz, you wouldn’t believe it, but … earlier today I added Singapore to the list of the countries that I want to visit this year.
    I agree with you, food is really great there. And so is shopping hehehe
    And the sights cannot be compared to anything in the world.

  9. Tom

    I’ve only been to Singers once, but I certainly miss the food. I tought it was neat the way the city focuses on it and makes it an essential part of the experience. The pepper crab, the laksa, even the sushi. With the Chinese, Malay, Arab, and Indian mix there, it’s a pefect destination for food.

  10. Subhadrika Sen

    I have never been to singapore so i may not be able to feel the same way as you. But you have given me five great reasons to visit the place. i would love to see the nightlife of this place. The ones in your photographs looked amazingly beautiful .

  11. blair villanueva

    Singapore never fails to amuse and surprise me. It always something new and exciting, even those simple things. I agree with you about these lists, especially the stories of the cabbies.. its genuine!

  12. Martine

    Singapore is where I grew up, I consider it my second home and my future home! I wanna raise my kids there, just like we were raised there. Sigh. I go back every year with my husband, and for the first time this year we shall bring our daughter for her first international trip. Our son, we first brought two years ago.

  13. Miriam Ernst

    What you say about taxi drivers is so true, from my experience in Madrid (even if its in completely other place than Singapore) taxi drivers have amazing stories. Anyways the evening landscapes you have posted are beautiful. When you say that the food is quite unique, you mean unique in what way? anyhow looks delicious.

  14. Veeyah

    My friends who have visited Singapore have been telling me to go on a trip myself and experience the place, but I’ve never really gotten around to doing so. My dad has been there, and his stories about it being clean and how people are generally quite friendly has made me rethink my schedule. 🙂

  15. nilyncartagena

    Singapore is like an impossible dream that I’m always dreaming! lol! My husband and I are really hoping to be able to visit Singapore one day. I don’t know when, I don’t know if we’d ever will be, but as long as I live, I’ll keep that dream with me. 😀 Singapore is such an awesome place!

  16. Jessica Ayun

    I nod in every point. Even it’s too expensive for me to stay in Singapore, I will still keep on coming back here. Simply because of the unique calling of order and convenience it can give for travelers, from transport, food and attractions.

  17. Berlin

    I would like to say that I too miss Singapore. Singapore is such a beautiful country to visit. I like it best when I crossed the street and everybody just waited for the signal to walk in the pedestrian line. Such discipline. And yes, I agree. Taxi drivers are one of the interesting people to talk to.

  18. Carola

    Interesting to read about the taxi rides! I rarely take the taxi. so I’m not used to it at all (In the Netherlands). If I ever go to Singapore I know now what to do: Take a Taxi :). The landmarks are really beautiful. i can imagine you miss those from time to time. The beach is the thing I miss the most at the place I live now. I just love the sea. Not to lie on the beach all day, I couldn’t do that. But seeing the beach and sea, always calmes me.

  19. Roselle CT

    I’ve been to Singapore 4x already and the reason I keep coming back is because I really love the country. The first time I went there, I was with my sisters and it was our first time to travel abroad unaccompanied by our parents and yet we felt so safe. The transportation system is very efficient. The food were great. My most recent visit, we stayed at Sentosa for 5 days. I say I loved staying at Sentosa compared to the city hotels.


    I found your post fascinating. Although I have never been to Singapore, I know so many people there. Mostly people from my team who live and/or work in Singapore. Everything was good and then you posted the chicken rice. I LOVE THAT!!! It’s one of my favorite food of all time. So now I am like craving to have that dish in couple of hours.

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