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Travelogue : One Year On The Road

I have taken this walk before. The waves crashing against my feet as I walk on the fine white sandy beach, leaving my footprints behind only to see them wiped
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When running away is not an option anymore

September 2015, Sihanoukville, Cambodia - I saw an innocent 6 year old girl being traded as a sex object. Few days before that, I heard the heartbreaking story of a
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Rediscovering My Mum’s Values Through My Travels

Dear Ma. Yesterday evening, a friend of mine suggested that I write a post about my achievements during this almost a year of traveling. I thanked my friend for her
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Take A Step Back – Finding The Purpose

31st March 2016, 7 PM Singapore Time I walked out of my corporate workplace for the final time after bidding farewell to my friends, colleagues and profession. I was moving
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