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About Me

They said!!You are Wrong, You are Strange. Looking to live a life full of derange.

Running away from your bonds and duties,You will find loss with so much ease.

Yes, I am all that but I am Free, From illusions and fear to fail.

And I don’t care if I lose or win, 

As life doesn’t have to be a game in the world we live in.

I said!!

mineeIn the search for Freedom, I took my first solo vacation in January 2015. Those five days I spent sailing on the seas and driving on the hills in Thailand paved way for the beginning of my journey. Yes I was made for a high paying job, and a luxurious nine year stint with a corporate giant is a testament to that. Yet, it took a few journeys across Southeast Asia and up-close experiences with gross humanitarian abuse to make me realize that I was indeed cut out for something more. Something bigger and meaningful than you or me or money or possessions. Having found my true calling, I bid adieu to my comfortable and safe life in Singapore and I set out on a different journey as my search for Freedom turned into a quest for real change and peace.

Today, I am not a blogger or a writer or just a traveler. I consider myself a storyteller. The experiences I have gained during the seven months of my independent travel are real stories that are shaping my existence as a human being. Be it for the time when I spent two months in rural Indonesia as an English teacher while getting inspired by the young minds, or the six days at a Marinelife conservation centre where I fell in love with the underwater life all over again, or gaining a different perspective to life and spirituality from amazing people around. Breaking out from the pre-defined notions of “normalcy”, I will continue this journey across places while I make efforts to contribute towards making this world a better place, if not for a million then at least for one.

I am Tamshuk.

I will bring you stories of the strange, unknown and inspirational tales!!