I am the guy sitting next to you in a plane while holding tight onto the hand-rest – yes, I am a nervous flyer. I am the same guy who would participate impromptu in an adventure marathon without any training just out of pure excitement. Oh and if you see a guy who could walk the whole day around the city or elsewhere, that is me.
Relaxing in the natural hot spring

I am Tamshuk and originally from India. I have lived in Milan, Italy for 10 months in 2009 when I was on an official assignment. I have been worked and lived in Singapore for six years. I quit my high-paying corporate job at the age of 30 to start on my own life plans.

Travel the world and help people – in trying to combine these two, I got myself introduced to cultural tourism by staying at a place long enough to understand the social dynamics of that place. I volunteer wherever I get an opportunity – whether it is at a turtle conservation center in Gili Meno or a community + environmental development project and English teaching at Masamba village in Indonesia.

11666312_10153528450456320_4966061193620164379_nTravelling for me is not about being caught up in the stereotype travelling culture that has been prevalent in my home country. Meeting people, learning new cultures, experience the places rather than just see them, getting out of the comfort zone, taking up a new adventure, this is travel for me.

I will have something interesting and fun to write about my trips regularly.Like the time when I was chased out of a jungle by wild boars or the night of never ever again.

Keep reading and I will keep updating.

Tamshuk 🙂 🙂