My Thoughts

My Thoughts


I have been to five South-East Asian countries this year, riding my way across on a bike and getting chased around by wild animals, took my first surf lesson and burnt my tongue on spicy local cuisines. I traveled across the Cambodian countryside where my life changed for good.

Why I travel solo?

What I want to experience from my travels? What I fear? The biggest decision in my life? Read all in the below posts.


Indonesia : Meet the Lovely Little Village of Balebo in Sout

Indonesia - a country I keep going back to. Yes I have only been to Bali and the Gili Islands ...
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When Travels Go Wrong!! Three Travelers Share Their Worst Tr

Oh Travel, how much we love that word. Many of us live our lives around Travel and the many adventures ...
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Travel and my fear of flying

I probably am one of the most frequent flyers around but every-time I step on to a plane, I get ...
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When running away is not an option anymore

September 2015, Sihanoukville, Cambodia - I saw an innocent 6 year old girl being traded as a sex object. Few ...
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Sun Island

Listing out my seven best stays

Ever since I got started on my travels and this blog, there is this one question I've been asked quite ...
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Nominated for Liebstar award

In June 2015 when I started this blog, it was just a way of documenting my travel memories in some ...
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My travel playlist

I am not going to write about the usual travel essentials - we have Google for that!! Instead, I'd dwell ...
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Why did I start travelling solo

Answering this question was probably a turning point in my life. I was(still am) going through the daily grind of ...
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