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Four Reasons Why Cambodia Deserves More Visits

A trip that changed my life forever and a country that gave me a new perspective to successful living - Cambodia, in many ways defines extreme suffering and ultimate triumphs of an entire human population. A country that until recently ...
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Top Highlights of Southeast Asia – Part I

The world is a big place, and nowhere is its diversity more evident than Southeast Asia. If you’re not from near there and have never visited, you’re in for a treat when you finally do make it to that corner ...
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Cambodia : The Scars of Khmer Rouge – A Survivor Share

"I had a small happy family. I was a school teacher in Phnom Penh when it started. My two kids were too young to go to school then. One day some people with guns and machetes came in to our ...
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Child Sex Trade in Cambodia : An Ugly Truth

"This post contains excerpts from my upcoming book - OUR BROKEN STEPS" Some call it thrill and some call it necessity while others say it is a social menace. A multi-billion dollar industry in itself, Sex tourism is a topic ...
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The Magnificent Angkor Wat

I am not a very religious person neither do I regularly visit any religious monuments. But just like my visit to the Tanah Lot in Bali, I wanted to visit Angkor to experience the unmistakable aura around this place. Having seen ...
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The Curious case of Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a place that can polarize opinions in extreme directions. The many facets of this small beach town embodies this place with different shades. Touted as one of Asia's popular party destinations, known mostly for the wild late-night parties, this place ...
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The mystic ruins of Ta Prohm – final insights of Angko

The city of Angkor is so huge that there is no way I could explore each and every corner of it in a single day. I was now in the final leg of this tour and the most awaited one. After ...
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The Ruins of Angkor – Exploring in the wild

When I booked the Angkor Sunrise Discovery Bike Tour through Viator, I had imagined that we would be cycling around the temples on the usual known paved paths taken by the other tourist vans, so I was expecting the same ...
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