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Inspiring Travel Blogger : Liana Cohen – Tomboy Chronicle


An inimitable fashionista from the city of Paris, Liana Cohen is my guest on this week’s Inspiring Travel Bloggers. Through her Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography and Travel blog “Tomboy Chronicle”, Liana shares stories about her unique fashion sense, valuable photography tips and motivating words of positivity. I have been regularly reading her effortless words on Tomboy Chronicle ever since I got acquainted her through social network channels. Here we get to know more about Liana as she shares her stories and anecdotes.

Tamshuk: Liana, I have to ask about the name of your blog – Tomboy Chronicle. How did you get to relate yourself as a Tomboy?

Liana: Hi Tamshuk! First, thanks for getting back to me, I’m really glad and I appreciate you interviewing me. As I’ve stated in my ‘About’ section, I’ve came up with Tomboy Chronicles for mostly 2 reasons: first, because I do dress like a Tomboy, I love pairing really minimalist pieces with sneakers – any comfy shoes. I’m that kind of woman who’s always running around, and I have to admit, running in heels isn’t something I do enjoy. As for the name, I’ve been always gravitating around the idea of telling stories under the form of chronicles. I though pairing both features came up easily, and made me feel like it sounded right!

Tamshuk: It has been almost three years since you started Tomboy Chronicle. What made you think about starting your own blog?

Liana: Well, I can’t believe it’s already been three years! I’ve been starting my own blog because I was always attracted to the world of Fashion and photography. I grew up with magazines – and not only Glamour and Vogue – and thus, I was always fascinated with the Fashion Editorials. Afterwards, around 2012, I was reading a lot of blogs online on the Bloglovin’ platform, and I was always fascinated with the styling, the art and the photography behind the stories those girls were telling their audience. That’s why I decided, one morning, to create my own platform. It was essential for me to put those thoughts out there, and to create something I’d be unconditionally proud of.


Tamshuk: What would you suggest (to do, see, eat or anything) that one thing about Paris to a first time visitor other than the Eiffel Tower?

Liana: As a Parisian, there are a lot to see, eat and do in Paris, and nothing related to the Eiffel Tower! As for eating, I have my favorite places – I have to mention Coutume Café and Oberkampf Café. They are my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. As to do, I love wandering around Les Quais and take a stroll through the L’Ile de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement. One thing that one must see is Les Jardins du Palais Royal. They are definitely the one place you should go to when the sun is shining! As for the visits, I love to go to Museum such as the Orsay Museum, or the Orangerie one. They are just incredible museums, and much more interesting than the Louvres. 

Tamshuk: You are from Paris and you have lived a considerable amount of time in Israel. Share with us a couple of your memorable moments while living in Tel Aviv, experiencing the culture and getting to know the stories of several people there. Also, give us a couple of reasons why the country deserves more visitors.

Liana: I have so many memories from my stay in Tel Aviv. One of my most memorable moment would have to be the night around February where I volunteer to be a waitress – free of any charges – at a wedding of a couple who were broke, and who didn’t have any savings to pay for any of the performers (cater, waitresses, musicians). I’ve come along this amazing opportunity through a friend of mine who knew the association behind this project – which is called the Mabrouk project. It was a hell of a lot of work, but it worth the long hours of work and the fatigue. I had the chances to talk with all the volunteers and with the weds, and their stories were just awesome. Giving my time and my energy was so reward full, because for once; it wasn’t self-centered.

It wouldn’t have to be the only memory I can share with you. Another one was being able to work with a photographer and realize several shootings with her, along the coast of Tel Aviv in Jaffa. She became a friend, and I think she’s definitely one of the most talented girls out there!


Israel is a country that really deserves more visitors, and there are loads of cliche around it that people buy. From one place to another, everything, from the landscapes to the people living there, is different. I’ve been travelling through the whole country during my stay, and each time I fell more in love with this place. I’ve met so many amazing people, and their culture is a mix between the oriental and the European one. Indeed, Israel is in between, and they got some features from the European vibe, and I met some features of my Parisian life there, but it’s incredible how you feel the vibe of the Middle East whenever you go. As an example, Jerusalem is close to Tel Aviv, but both city are so much different. One is the holy city and still has been developing some cool features – there are ton of Music Festivals there – and the other is known as the White City, the city that never sleeps. It’s just an example but I could talk hours about this country and especially of my favorite place: the Desert, which is called the Negev in Hebrew. I love being cut off from everything, from the buzz when I’m just surrounded with sands, camels and stars.

Tamshuk: Your blog is about Fashion, Lifestyle and Photography. However, you did publish some motivational posts such as “How to turn negativity into positivity” and “4 ways to help you take better decisions”. Tell us how important do you think it is for people to stay focused on being positive in life through all and any situations.

Liana: I’ve been blogging about those subjects, because I think we do need to stay positive through life. Life is going to through you obstacles all the time, and there are so many ways to defeat them: staying positive, staying confident and getting back on tracks are the things I’ve been staying true to. As for the reason, I think it’s important when you’re a blogger to share about subjects you care about, and that you think would have an impact, a positive impact, on your audience. Fashion and Photography are my passions, but I grew up this past year due to the fact that I realized it was important to stay focus on your objective, and it’s important to stay positive no matter what you’re encountering.


Tamshuk: Being a Parisian and a fashionista, both go together. You have a very interesting fashion sense which is quite easy on the eyes, minimalist and yet very unique which shows in all the photos on your blog. This style of yours, would you say it was something you always had within or was it something that evolved gradually over time?

Liana: I do think it was something I’ve always had within, but it had gradually evolved over time. I finally picked the most features of my style recently. I came across the colors I’d be wearing mostly, what suits me, and what I’d love to wear. Now, it’s definitely part of who I am, and what I wear.


Tamshuk: In my previous interview with Veronica (Siniciliya), she mentioned about digital detox. You too have published an entire post about Digital Detox. On some level, do you feel that people in today’s time are in need of a Digital Detox more than ever?

Liana: I read that, and I do feel people need to go through a digital detox from time to time. I try to do it once a week, because mostly, as a blogger, my phone is glued to my hands. Some people don’t understand the whole concept of building a brand, or of Instagram and how you should handle it. I do need those digital tools, and I’m passionate about this new Social media era. Sometimes it’s getting hard to follow, and I do feel I need to take a step back, and just reassess everything to start again, the day after, to be better at what I do.

Tamshuk: Finally, Recognition, Money, Power – all of us have different versions of Success. As a blogger and as a person, what does success mean to you?

Liana: As a blogger, success means recognition. Money come along, but when you’re a blogger in 2016, it’s really to get brands attention and get paid for any articles you write. There are major bloggers out there, and I get a lot of inspiration from there, because they are in the biz from a long time, but I do feel I have to work on building my own brand to be able then to get some recognition from my peers. Thanks Tamshuk for your honest and interesting questions. Honestly, I’ve loved answering them, and it was so interesting to finally know what you, as a reader, think about my writing, my blog and my travel experience! It was a pleasure, and I hope you’re going to like my views upon such subjects.


Thank you Liana for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep bringing on more of your lovely posts on Fashion, Travel, Inspiration and Life. Your blog makes for a refreshing read for all of us.

Follow Liana and her amazing stories on her blog Tomboy Chronicle, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.



39 thoughts on “Inspiring Travel Blogger : Liana Cohen – Tomboy Chronicle

  1. Milton Coyne

    she looks really amazing and I will definitely drop by at her site to know more about her and her journey! I love this segment.. what a great way to introduce us another blogger! Looking forward to more of your blog interviews

  2. mariaisquixotic

    It’s so great to get in touch with fellow bloggers as well. It’s great to communicate with fellow bloggers and to know more about them. She interests me more than ever. I’d want to go to her blog and start reading cause travel bloggers always inspire me to travel.

  3. Nilyn_ECM

    She’s already started to create her name, she’s already expanded her sphere of influence. The fact that you were interviewing her means that she is someone worth interviewing. So kudos, Liana! And keep it up! 🙂


    And so I would be visiting Liana’s blog soon. Great feature and I really like how a person could live and be herself. From the interview, I somehow get the sense that Liana is a person who is assertive and knows her goals and will do everything to achieve her goals. 3 years in blogging means she is serious. In as far as I have experienced, most bloggers stop within a year.

    Great job here and choice of person to interview, Tam.

  5. Carola

    Great interview! I loved to read the tips for Paris. And to learn more about Israel. And of course it’s fun to get to know another blog. 3 years of blogging, that’s quite some time!

  6. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

    What a sweet, natural person. She sounds like a better version of me when it comes to perception and clothing as a minimalist. She’s totally right about Paris, there’s a lot of places there that aren’t even remotely connected to the famous tower we all know. Great interview, good set of questions and answers!

  7. Amanda @ Go Book Yourself

    I love this girls style! I’m also a bit of a tomboy and it can actually be hard to find clothes that suit you but that are also stylish and comfortable. Most of the shops don’t cater to that. Her look is very inspiring! I will certainly be visiting her blog!

  8. Sabine Krestel

    What a great personality to interview…really like her honest answers and it nearly feels like you are having a real coversation isntead of an interview…thanks for sharing this^^

  9. Alina Popescu

    Congrats to both of you, very inspiring interview, and well chosen photos to illustrate it. It was interesting to see you two chatting like this and find out more about Liana’s blogger life.

  10. Veronica

    Tamshuk, thank you for discovering Liana’s personality!
    I know her blog fro quiet some time and it is also very nice to know more about her. Her sense of style and photography is unique, and I am always happy to see more of her photos in her blog or instagram.

  11. Stella the Travelerette

    It is interesting to read an interview with a Parisian. I don’t understand why I meet so many Parisians who don’t like the Louvre, though I agree that there are many other wonderful museums in Paris. I am from NYC and we all love the Metropolitan Museum here.

  12. Star Lengas

    It was so great learning more about Liana especially her travels in Israel. Visiting Israel was never on my list, but I’m definitely going to do more research about the country. It sounds like a complex but beautiful place to visit.

  13. Tae

    Liana is a talented fashionista, photographer, and writer. I love her style and you did a great job of asking questions that represent her blog 🙂 love it!

  14. Inka

    Very nice Interview, Tel Aviv has always been that the back of my Mind but now maybe I will try to see little bit more if it. On our Jounrey of Travel we are all trying to find out spot in the earth, I think you are on the right way.

  15. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    Nice one! I like the insight into her story. I had read a bit about her reason for blogging and name of site but now it gives more information about the actual person. I always enjoy these interviews. I love bloggers who write and share their story for their readers and not for the sole purpose of making money! Great work to the both of you!

  16. Kate O'Malley

    This is very informative and interesting interview. I’ve come across several places in Paris that I ought to try. Then, of course, the things that was tackled here like digital detox is very much needed for bloggers nowadays. All in all, a successful interview!

  17. polly674

    Interesting interview. I didn’t know Liana, but I will have a look to her blog since she lit on my curiosity now 🙂

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