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Listing out my seven best stays

Ever since I got started on my travels and this blog, there is this one question I’ve been asked quite frequently by my friends, fellow bloggers and travelers – “What is the best hotel you have stayed in?” Over the last thirteen months, I have stayed in quite a few places ranging from decent to fantastic, so it would be impossible for me to point out just one. So instead, I have listed out seven of the best places I have stayed in, be it luxury hotels or basic homestays.


Luxury Hotels

  • The Blue Marine Resort and Spa, Phuket – Located along the slope of the Patong hill and away from the party stretch of Patong beach, this place boasts of having one of the most efficient customer service in Phuket. Even the most smallest concerns of the guests are attended to in a prompt manner. Oh and the rooms here have spectacular views of the Andaman sea and the surrounding hills. Being a luxury hotel, it is indeed expensive but the price is worth the stay here. Check out the prices here


Blue Marine


  • The Orchard Hotel, Singapore – I have lived in Singapore since 2010 in a rented apartment so there was hardly any need to stay at a luxury hotel here. However, over a weekend when my apartment was getting renovated, I decided to move out for a couple of days. The Orchard hotel is located conveniently at the most high-end and busiest shopping street in Singapore – the Orchard Road. The one thing about this hotel that impressed me the most is that one can identify with the hardcore Singaporean culture here from the food – the lunch and dinner spread consists of dishes from every cuisine that are true to this city – and the basic decor of the hotel which has influences of the Mandarin culture. Again, the high price is entirely justified. Check out the prices here




Mid-range and Budget hotels

  • The Cove Beach Bungalows, Sihanoukville – Oh you beauty. This amazing little place was everything I could ask for. Cozy wooden cottages perched along the slope of the hill surrounded by greenery and a serene beachfront, this property is located at the end of Serendipity beach in Sihanoukville. For folks like me who thrive in a rustic laid-back environment and a hammock as a dear friend, this is the place to be. The bar which is built right atop the huge rocks on the beach is a fantastic place to relax and unwind with a drink or two while marveling at the crashing waves beneath. If I were to go to any of these places again, this is where I would head out to first.




  • The Sun Island Hotel and Spa Legian, Bali – Located right in the middle of the nightlife and the main stretch of Kuta-Legian, this place is a perfect combination of class and comfort at an affordable price. The facilities here are an ideal blend of posh and necessity with all the focus entirely on comfort of the guests rather than pretentious show-off. The bar and restaurant at the lobby area hosts a wonderful love band in the evenings which is really hard to find amid all the head-thumping beats elsewhere in the area.


Sun Island

Hostels & Homestays

  • Homy Inn North Point, Hong Kong – Rated as one of the best hostels in Hong Kong, this place is good value for money. The rooms are spotless clean and the staff are super efficient. Although quite small(as most hotel rooms in Hong Kong are), the dormitories do not have more than two beds so that makes it quite manageable. For 25$ a night, this hostel provides a comfortable and fuss-free stay. Book your stay here


Homy Inn


  • Edy Homestay, Gili Trawangan – High-end luxury resorts, homestays and hostels  are practically what you get on the Gili islands. This homestay has nothing luxurious to boast of in terms of the facilities. The rooms are very basic – bed(s), fan or AC, working lights, running water and clean enough bathrooms – works just fine for me. The guys running this place are not your usual hotel staff but more as your friends instead. I really cannot find anything to complain about this place at all. A bed good enough to sleep well, a fan that works fine, running water all day, simplest of breakfast served every morning and Oh, free Wi-fi. For 12$ a night, this place was an absolute delight to be in.


Each of my stays in these places have been memorable in their own way and I actually would want to go back to some of my personal favorites (which would be obvious by the end of this post) among them on my next trips.


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