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Of All The Cities In Australia, It Has To Be Melbourne

Australia is one of those places that people from all over the globe dream of visiting. When you think of Australia, you might imagine the enormity of Uluru or the majesty of the Sydney Opera House. But Australia is a very big place. And there are many more cities and towns to see beyond Sydney. Are you looking for an opportunity to indulge in the culture, vibrancy, and history of Australia? You should consider visiting Melbourne.

Melbourne has a marvelous mix of architecture that will wow anyone who visits. For a country that simply isn’t that old, and isn’t very populated, Melbourne offers some surprising insights. Like many countries in the world, Australia too has had its share of dark moments in history. But there’s something about Melbourne that seems to project a positivity about this country. Here, more than most of the other places, there is a real feeling of community and multiculturalism.

Melbourne is by no means boring. Perhaps the biggest part of its appeal is the sheer number of events, exhibitions, and activities that happen here. It’s easy to get to the city. Use a website like http://www.melbourneplatinumcabs.com.au/melbourne-airport-transfers.php to find transport from the airport. It’s not that far, and you can be in a gorgeous city center hotel in under an hour door to door. Once you’re in the city, you will find lots of options for public transport. Alternatively, why not walk around some of the most popular areas?

Australia has some of the most strict entry requirements in the world. Make sure you pop online and check out your visa needs. Stays can be quite lengthy depending on your eligibility. This means you can soak up all that Melbourne, and Victoria has to offer. There are some good beaches, and the weather can be particularly pleasant at the beginning of the year. Getting soaked in the water could also be a fun way for you to spend your time here.

The wildlife in Australia is quite unique and is famous all over the world for its diversity. In Melbourne, there is a highly rated zoo that is easily accessible. But it’s the native wildlife that is easy to spot in any of Melbourne’s beautiful gardens. The Melbourne Aquarium actively protects many species found in the Southern Ocean too. It’s easy to see why Australia is world-renowned for their conservation. Trees and plants native to the region form some of the most beautiful areas of this part of the country.

Spectator sports are a huge part of Australian culture. Melbourne is home to many different kinds of global sports. From motorsports and football to the iconic cricket rivalry series between England and Australia -The Ashes,there are many events to enjoy. When it comes to arts and culture, Melbourne again trumps some of the other major cities worldwide. The Melbourne Festival in October is one of those events that draws crowds from all over the globe. Have a look at the official website https://www.festival.melbourne/2016/ for more on this popular event. Victoria is home to some of the best cultural centers for exploring Aboriginal communities in the area. Any one of them is sure to give you a wonderful experience. Melbourne is also home to some wonderful street art across the city so if you are into similar interests, this is the place for you.

Australia is a long way to travel and many folks across the world have aptly (and lovingly) named this country as “The Final Frontier”, but places like Melbourne make every kilometer traveled across the oceans worth it. If you’re looking for a taste of what makes this huge country great, then make Melbourne your preferred destination.


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