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Similan Islands – Tranquil Hidden Gems in Thailand

There are many reasons why I love Phuket and keep going back there. Be it the relaxed pace of life there or the cohort amalgamation of people from all over the world looking to have a time of their lives. This “Pearl of Andaman” is an excellent take-off point or a gateway to several beautiful islands scattered across the Andaman sea.The Similan Islands is one such place that is often overlooked by visitors who mostly head to the much publicized Phi-Phi islands instead.

Islands in Thailand

View from the top of Similan Island

About the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands is a cluster of eleven islands that are actually part of the Mu Ko Similan National Park, located off the coast of Phang Nga bay. The waters around these islands are home to a plethora of diverse marine ecosystem which provides some excellent diving and snorkeling spots. However, three of the eleven islands are off-limits to tourists as they are entirely functional for the marine life protection and preservation initiative of the national park. These islands were the first Thai territories to get hit during the disastrous 2004 Tsunami resulting in extensive damage to the underwater life which left the place with damaged corals and displaced species. Dedicated efforts are being made now to conserve and protect the reefs which shelter thousands of sea turtles, manta rays and the occasional sharks.

Similan Islands

Pristine blue waters around Similan Islands

It was my love for beaches, islands, the sea and the urge to go places that are not the most popular that led me to visit these islands. A 90 minute boat ride from Khao Lak took us to a cove that was brimming with nature at its most honest and serene best – under the sea and on the land. Snorkeling in the clear waters alongside the stunning variety of marine species, some amazingly beautiful coral reefs and a couple of curious sea turtles, I did not want to stop.

Similan Island

Coast of Similan Island 9

These islands are absolutely devoid of the usual rapid development activities and have hardly any modern amenities to mention. Filled with forests and surrounded with turquoise waters all around, the beaches here are probably the most pristine I have seen in Thailand till now. Beautiful pieces of sea stones and corals wash ashore with every wave that hits the beach. Inland, the forests are thick, green and humid with a few harmless monkeys jumping around. I had a friendly encounter with one of the thousands of hairy-legged crabs that crawl all over the island.

Beaches of Thailand

White sand beaches of Similan Islands


On the island, there is a “Hill” which is actually a formation of huge rock boulders piled up on one another. The summit of this hill is an excellent viewpoint that provides stunning views of the island and miles across the surrounding ocean. However, the climb to the top can be quite rough and physically exhausting as one would need to go through several steep narrow passages between the rocks. There were quite a few people who took that climb as I realized it was worth all the effort once I reached to the top.

Islands of Thailand

Beautiful view of the island cove from the summit of the hill

Islands of Thailand

View of the ocean from the summit of the hill at Similan Island

These islands are entirely managed by the national park authorities with the sole purpose of sustaining and protecting the marine ecosystem. Visitors to these islands are always provided with special guidelines on responsible tourism before setting foot on the shores or venturing under water. There is a constant effort to keep these islands safe, clean and away from the commercialization that has happened to Phi Phi over the years. This is visible from the availability of accommodation which are limited to camping tents and basic bungalows by the sea which are also provided by the national park management.

Similan camping

How to get there and back

Tour agencies from Khao Lak operate fast boats to these islands everyday. You can choose for the day trip that departs at 9 AM and returns by 5 PM or the overnight camping trip which departs at 9 AM and returns the next morning. Camping on this quiet island can be fun and peaceful at the same time. The Fantastic Similan Travel group are well-known for their outstanding service with responsible and efficient staff. Visit http://www.fantasticsimilan.com/ for more info on their available trips.


I found the below two websites providing the best information on the Similan Islands. Various aspects of the place like the history, wildlife and accommodation process are available on these sites.



Similan Islands



14 thoughts on “Similan Islands – Tranquil Hidden Gems in Thailand

  1. Leona

    it’s soo beautiful there, i love the beach and the nature, i would love to sleep in one of those tents and have a great time swimming and bbq-ing at nights. really missing such beautiful waters which is hard to get here where i live.

  2. jayresa03

    What a wonderful view. Those pristine waters are breathtaking. You might also want to explorxe Philippines as we have so many beautiful and great bodies of water here.

  3. Teresa Dumadag

    Wow! It’s so beautiful! I love your photos also. Made me want to explore and experience the beauty of the place firsthand. The Philippines is truly blessed with many nice beaches/shorelines.

  4. Me-An Clemente

    I’ve never been to Phuket and everyone says that it has nice beaches. Based on your photos, I agree that it looks lovely. The camping trips remind me of the beach camps in Anawangin and Nagasa cove Zambales here in the Philippines. However, it is better there since it is more organized. As for the beach, it just reminds me of our country’s beaches too.

  5. Sydney Fashion Hunter

    I love Phuket and have been 3 time know. I agree many people head straight to Phi Phi (me included!). These islands look divine. I will definitely consider giving Phi Phi and miss and heading here instead in my next visit.

  6. Marjorie G.

    You sure found a beautiful place, Similan looks gorgeous. I also love to go off-the-beaten path as they tend to lead to beautiful discoveries. It also makes me good that I was able to find a place that not many people know about. With that said, it’s nice of you to actually share this great find. If I ever get to Thailand, I’d include this in my itinerary. I have to see those blue waters in person.

  7. Amazing Life Daily

    Tam, these are the best of the bests in Thailand. The Andaman seas is one of the richest in diversity in marine life. Umm, plug, Philippines included. Similan and the nearby islands, gosh, those are destinations one should really go to when in Thailand. I have been hearing about the seas there from my days as a scuba instructor and I have many guests who also went there.

  8. Berlin

    Thats real pristine waters. Havent been to Phuket and they say it has the nicest beaches. Reading and your post and looking at the pictures make me want to agree. and oh, love the tents. So coordinated.

  9. siniciliya

    First I thought that these were Seychelles because of those rocks! My second thought was that this is where Tamshuk was hiding recently 😉
    This place looks like paradise and I have never heard of these islands before! They look so untouched!

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