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Singapore is NOT a concrete Jungle

Vacation over, back to the concrete jungle“. This is what the Facebook status of a lot of working professionals say when they return back to Singapore after a vacation. This particular write-up is for all those folks.


I personally find it very demeaning when people use the words “Concrete Jungle” for a city like Singapore. When we call this place a Concrete Jungle, it would mean just two things to me:- 

  • We have given up the will to get our asses off the couch, ditch the TV remote and get out of our houses to explore this place.
  • We have given up the hope of breaking out from our monotonous work lives and devote a bit more time to breathe easy.


“There is not much to see in Singapore” – the most cliched words mouthed by a lot of us expats living here. At some point in the past, even I used to think so. Ever since I started exploring this city the way it should be done, I realized I was so, so wrong!! If there was nothing much to see/do in Singapore, then did the 15 million tourists visiting Singapore in 2014 come here just to change flights??

I have seen people just lazy around in their houses all day during weekends and funnily enough these are the very same people who say “there is not much to see in Singapore”!! I myself used to hardly step out of my house on weekends and eventually ended up feeling depressed by Sunday evening thinking of the impending doom that is – Monday!!




I just spent an hour reading two articles that popped up on my Facebook page – “100 places to see in Singapore” and “100 activities to do in Singapore”. As I was going through those articles, I was surprised at the fact that how less I myself know about this place. Yet, as much as I have known and explored Singapore, I admire this city. Yes, the “Financial Hub” aspect of Singapore gets more visibility everywhere and maybe we sometimes let that impression encroach our minds. There might not be beaches with big waves or snow-capped peaks here, but the beauty of this city lies in every other nook and corner. The ever-friendly people, the culturally diverse districts, the amazing skyline, the tranquility of its nature parks and islands, the food and many more I am yet to experience.





After spending roughly 50-60 hours a week at our desks inside a closed space, we all deserve to experience the real Singapore. All we need to do is get 8 hours of sleep on Friday night(or late-night/early morning) and next day hop on to the bus/train and just go!! Eventually you will reach somewhere and I believe that every part of Singapore has a story to tell of its own.  I am not going to list out all the 200 odd places to see and things to do here. It is more fun to do all the exploring yourself.


Branding Singapore a CONCRETE JUNGLE is demeaning to this city, to the people of Singapore and to the efforts of the government of Singapore to make this place emerge as one of the best cities in the world. So yeah, Singapore is NOT a concrete jungle!!


This article is not meant to undermine efforts and situations of all the hard-working professionals in Singapore. Everything I have written here is based on my own personal experiences!!

The views and suggestions do not necessarily apply only to Singapore. Every financial hub in this world is developing its image to get a more relaxed outlook. So, wherever you are, find out the “other side” to the cities you ever called a Concrete Jungle!!



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