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Stunning Natural Phenomena You Must See During Your Travels


One of the most satisfying things about traveling around the world is that you get to see some amazing natural phenomena. It is actually crazy what mother nature can conjure up without much effort. There are natural phenomena all over the world to view. But see the best that the Earth has to offer, check out my rundown of the top five below.

Staircase to the Moon

The Staircase to the Moon is located in Australia. No, it’s not actually a real staircase but an illusion that is created when the moon rises over the ocean. To view it you will need to take a trip to the North Western Territories of Kimberly. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty in itself.

The phenomena are best seen in Broome. They even put on a night market when the moon is due to start this optical illusion. So you can grab a bite to eat, or a souvenir or two before sitting down a blanket on the beach and watching the phenomena in all its glory.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most popular natural phenomena to view. It consists of glowing, dancing lights in the sky that appear mostly as green. But also sometimes in other shades such as blue, pink and yellows. Cultures native to the areas used to believe that it was their ancestors dancing and watching over them. But while, the science behind the Northern Lights is not quite as magical as that, although it is still pretty cool.

You can view the Northern Lights from several countries including Canada, Finland and Sweden. Just remember that the closer you get to the article castle the better chance of seeing them you will have. Outside of the circle, you can only see it at a certain times of the year. While inside your chances are much higher at any point on the calendar.

Glowing Sand

Or, if you fancy seeing phenomena in a warmer client? Why not visit the Maldives for the glowing sands? In fact, it’s not actually the sand that glows but microscopic plankton.

The plankton emit a cold light with the help of the chemical Luciferin. This mean that while they are glowing, they don’t actually produce that much heat. It is thought to be a defense mechanism to scare away possible predictors. But whatever it is, it is definitely gorgeous!

Pink Lakes

Every seen a pick lake? Well, there are actually quite a few in places like Canada, Australia, and Spain. But one of the most popular pink lakes to visit is Lake Retba in Senegal.

This piece of water is has a pretty high salt concentration, In fact, it’s as salty as the Dead Sea in serial. So you would float really well if all that salt wants so bad for your skin.

The delicate pink hue of the lake is caused by the refraction of the sun through the particles that are dissolved in the water. That means at some times it can look pinker than others. But is well worth a visit at any time!



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