Six Unique Types of Flyers You Will Meet

Airports and Aircrafts are the two things you cannot avoid as a regular or long term traveler. Over the last couple of years, I have been on more flights than the number of years I have lived till now. During those countless hours at different airports – mostly across Southeast Asia – I’ve come across folks from almost all over the world and I’ve met people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. From being Amusing to outright annoying, here are some of the unique types of flyers I have come across during my travels.

I am Terrified of Flying
Let me introduce my former self. I am Tamshuk and I am absolutely terrified of flying. Yes, I would be the first one of the few (or many) people who clutch on to the hand-rests during the entire duration of the flight. Honestly, I myself have given my co-passengers a good laugh on several occasions with my scared facial expressions. Although I am yet to meet a co-passenger who is equally scared of flying, I am sure there are quite a few of them. I did meet a traveler from France when I was waiting around at Bali airport and she was one of those few people terrified of setting foot inside an aircraft.

“The Whole Place Belongs to Me” Guy
Hands down one of the most annoying types, the folks who have a general sense of owning the entire place. These are the people who demand every second of attention from each of the flight attendants for simplest of matters. More often than not, therse are the same folks who end up being rude to their co-passengers too. I once heard a guy on a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur actually utter the words “I am an Investment Banker and I deserve better privileges than you normal guys do”. Arrogance and ego are the two traits these people exude all the time.

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One more drink please
International Flight or an Open Bar?? Some people find it hard to differentiate between the two. One drink leads to the request for a second. A second drink leads to demanding a third one. And sometimes, a refusal to serve further drinks results in a drunk passenger losing his brain nuts, turning into Hulk mode. Instances of passengers getting unruly with the flight attendants on being refused alcohol after a certain limit, is not that rare. Annoying is not the word to describe them. I am looking for a seven letter word that also starts with ‘A’.

Mr.Flirty Flirtkinson
There is always this cheeky guy who uses his flirting skills on female co-passengers and flight attendants alike. This guy plays with the odds and not being embarrassed of rejection is probably one positive takeaway from his flirtations. Annoying, Amusing, Irritating or Pleasant?? Ladies, your call this one!!

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The Kids
My personal favorite because I love kids. Kids are not just cute but they are just simply too funny, in an innocent way of course.I have read so many articles and hear so many people complaining about being surrounded by hyperactive (read noisy) kids. For me, being around kids inside a vessel flying at 35000 feet is nothing less than a stress buster. They make for some of the most amusing and funny moments ever. No matter how bad a day you are having, how can you avoid having a chuckle or two when you hear innocent voices uttering “Mommy, tell the pilot to fly us to the moon” or “Daddy, I wanna fly the aeroplane”.

The Helper
These are the most pleasant flyers you will come across. Right from helping you place that heavy suitcase on the weighing scale at the check-in counter to assisting an elderly get on the airport escalator or stowing the carry on in the overhead bin, they are always around to extend a helping hand. Few days back there was a video on the internet of a man offering his pregnant co-passenger to comfort her crying baby. People like them really make your journey worthwhile and memorable.

I will probably be never able to make a list of the best or the worst kind of passengers on a flight. I can only list out the few unique ones whether good, bad or ugly. Maybe I will come up with six more in a Part II of this post. For now, what are the kinds you’ve come across?


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Six Unique Types of Flyers You Will Meet