A Food trail in Bangkok : The floating market of Khlong Lat Mayom

Getting to see the various places around a destination with a local friend and expert can actually be one of the best things that could happen on our travels as that gives us the opportunity to have a more meaningful connection with the place. I myself had that experience when I booked a day trip to the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market with TakeMeTour group in Bangkok. A day that involved ferry rides, traveling on the back of a pickup truck, a boat ride along the canal at the market and a lot of tasty food, I got more than I had expected.

About Khlong Lat Mayom


Bangkok is well-renowned for its array of the famous floating markets. Along with the many other attractions, the floating markets are a huge draw for visitors to Bangkok. While many might argue that some of these floating markets have become very commercialized and dont have the real flavor anymore, the Khlong Lat Mayom market still stands out in that aspect. Located about an hour journey(ferry ride + hopping on a pickup truck) from the Saphan Thaksin pier, this place is very local with not much of an inflow of tourists and there is hardly any unwanted persuasion from the vendors to buy stuff.

The Trip

Ferry Ride

After meeting at the Saphan Thaksin ferry pier with Fon – our local expert and John – our photographer, we spent the next 25 minutes on board the ferry as we trudged along the mighty Bangkok river. As we moved along each pier, Fon provided me good information about each place and the significant landmarks around them like Chinatown, Grand Palace and Wat Arun.


Swamp Canal

After alighting at the Thonburi Railway Station pier, we hopped on to the back of a pickup van – which looked more like a bigger and a bit advanced version of the normal “tuk tuk” – and we were on our way to the destination. During the 30 minutes journey, as we passed through a very different side of Bangkok where there was hardly any tourist to be seen, Fon, me and John exchanged stories about our lives, work and travels. It was especially interesting to listen to the local stories from Fon, which you might not always get to hear usually,



By the time we reached the market, we were all very hungry and we took that opportunity to head right into the food market to fulfill our appetite. The food market was something that I had always wanted to see and experience. Food stalls were spread across the entire place serving all kinds of authentic Thai food – way more varieties than the usual Tom Yam or Phad Thai – and some really unique sweets.

IMG_8911 IMG_8914

Once we had our hunger pangs satisfied, we headed towards the canal where we were supposed to take a leisurely boat ride. As we waited for the boats to arrive, I stood by the canal watching the thousands of fishes jostling for space as folks dropped chunks of bread to feed them.  The boat arrived after 20 minutes and I was quite pleased to see it was not the usual long-tailed boats, instead it was a small paddle boat which meant more nooks and corners to explore around the canal over the next 30 minutes. Check out the video below


After the boat ride, we crossed over to the second part of the market by going down and under a small bridge. Keeping up with the tradition of reshaping my skull while I am in Southeast Asia, I bumped my head twice on the very low ceiling while crossing over to the market. This market had more of the different kinds of food, fruits and also vendors selling lip-smacking curry noodles from small boats. On Fon’s suggestion, I took a take-away of those for my lunch – which I later found out, wasn’t enough as I just couldn’t stop admiring the earthy authentic Thai flavors in it.

IMG_8913 IMG_8915

Having a friend along who is more than just a guide

Fon – the friendly local expert

When you book a tour through any Tour and Travel group, we always hope that the guide/expert would be knowledgeable with what he/she is doing. But this experience was so much more than just the usual tours and trips as Fon, the local expert, was not just very good is showing me around but she actually took interest to understand my preferences and expectations when it came to traveling. Instead of being a guided tour, it was more like a group of friends traveling together as me, Fon and John had quite a lot of fun apart from sharing our stories and experiences.

About TakeMeTour


TakeMeTour is a Thailand based travel startup who have many local experts enrolled in their program to provide some real and authentic day trips across different destinations in Thailand. Whether you want to visit the floating markets of Bangkok, the sticky waterfalls in Chiang Mai or a trip to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, Take Me Tour group has some of the best local experts to make for an unforgettable experience. Book their tours online which is a really hassle-free process and be ensured of a really good time. To book this particular day trip to the floating market visit the website here on TakeMeTour.

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A Food trail in Bangkok : The floating market of Khlong Lat Mayom

Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok

Stunning hotels, culture, history and shopping – not to mention mouth watering food. Bangkok really does have a vast range of attractions for every traveler. Bangkok is a city of contrasts where you can find historical places right next to modern day skyscrapers. You can find luxurious restaurants serving international cuisine and local street-food cards in the same neighborhood. This bustling city, Thailand’s capital, is the most developed in the country and makes for an amazing place to visit. Bangkok is a popular destination for most travelers visiting Southeast Asia whether on a luxury trip or a backpacker’s budget. You will see and experience some incredible things, and make memories that will last a lifetime for you.

Explore some amazing architecture

Source: Wikimedia

Bangkok is home to some spectacular pieces of architecture, which date back hundreds of years. There are numerous temples and museums to explore: from the Wat Mahatat to the Temple of Dawn, to the elegant gold and white Wat Traimit temple. You can also see the beautiful Grand Palace, this is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok and without a doubt the city’s most famous landmark. Besides historical monuments, Bangkok also features numerous modern breathtaking buildings from malls to skyscrapers. I personally am not a great fan of shopping malls but Bangkok really has some pretty amazing ones. The Terminal 21 shopping mall for example, is a wonderful piece of modern architecture built with an airport terminal theme. If not for the shopping, then at least for the architecture buffs these malls are a great sight. 

Stroll around and relax in the Green Spaces

When you think of Bangkok, parks and green spaces probably aren’t the first thing that come to your mind. But there are a number of them scattered across the city, They make a fantastic place to get some respite from the bustling city life and experience some calm relaxing moments. You could stroll through Saranrom Park or relax on a boat in Lumpini Park. You could rent bikes and explore Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan park and botanical gardens. There’s so much more to Bangkok than just the crowded city.

Source: Flickr

Visit the Zoos and Aquariums

Although I am not a big fan of watching wildlife in constricted spaces, zoos and sea world aquariums are quite popular and fun for kids. Bangkok has an incredible zoo as well as a safari park, where you’re able to go and see a variety of animals. In Safari World you can see shows, have animal encounters and go on a thrilling safari drive through the picturesque park setting. Dusit Zoo features an activities ground, a zoo museum, and sightseeing train. You can see rare animals such as white Bengal tigers and albino barking deer. You could visit Bangkok’s butterfly and insect farm, or Siam Ocean World which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. Unlike other places in Thailand like Phuket, where the animals in the zoos are in dire conditions, in Bangkok they are well taken care of by the authorities so you will definitely be not disappointed to visit these places.

Shop Til You Drop

Bangkok is one of the most popular places to shop in Asia, and with good reason. Prices are affordable, the quality is good, and you will be spoiled for choice when you are out for shopping. Are you looking for an amazing street market experience? From floating markets to bazaars to even night markets you won’t be short on choice. In contrast, you also have high-end shops and boutiques you can visit in plazas and shopping centers for a totally different experience. Whether you want new, vintage or handmade, there’s something for you here.

Take a boat ride along the river

Cruising along the river

The river in Bangkok is one of the major transportation lifelines of the city and also a significant tourist attraction. Hop on one of the tourist boats or even better, take the water taxis that the locals use as a daily mode of transportation and enjoy the leisurely ride down the river while you can also enjoy the sights of some of the monuments on either side. This is a wonderful way to experience one interesting facet of Bangkok if you are looking to take a break from shopping and partying.

Have you been to Bangkok? What was the most exciting thing you did on your trip, and where would you recommend to others?


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Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok