Tips For an Epic Family Skiing Adventure

If you’re bored of beaches and want to do something different, why not consider a family skiing holiday? Packed full of adventure and mind-blowing sights of snow topped mountains, it’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry. With the cold seasons quickly approaching, a stunning winter wonderland could be just what you need to finish 2016 in style and make it a winter you’ll never forget. If you’re planning on a family skiing adventure, here are a few tips to bear in mind!

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Get The Right Insurance

Skiing holidays require different travel insurance than your average family vacation. That’s because due to the nature of them, they come with more risks. Make sure you choose something that covers you for everything. You don’t want to end up out of pocket if you do end up in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a claim. You need a specialist cover, designed to protect you both on and off the slopes. This will include standard travel insurance that protects your luggage against theft or loss, delays, and cancellations too.

Decide On Your Destination and Accommodation

Different destinations around the world will be best suited to different months of the year. So do your research to find out where is most likely to have snow in the month you want to visit. Next, you’ll need to find out the best place to stay. When traveling with a family, you’ll need suitable accommodation. Something that’s close by to the slopes is ideal, and if you want to dine or go shopping, then you’re best choosing something with good routes to the nearby village. For example, Meribel in France is located in the village but is also close to France’s huge Trois Vallées ski area. A quick search will show where to stay in Meribel village depending on what you’re after. France remains the most popular European winter destination and for a good reason. Canada, Austria, and Switzerland are also options worth considering. The US has a ton of great skiing destinations to look into as well.

Get Kitted Up

When you’re out on the snowy mountains, it’s going to be cold- extremely so. Making sure you’re wrapped up warm (especially when it comes to children) is essential. If you don’t want to invest in all new clothing items to use, many places allow you to hire them so that’s something to look into. Especially for children, as even if you plan on going skiing every year, they’re likely to have grown out of everything before you get a chance to go again. This site has more information about what you should bring.

Pre-Book What You Can

If you’re booking skiing or snowboard lessons, excursions or anything else, have it done ahead of time. This saves you from standing around waiting for tickets, or having to make phone calls or chase things up while you’re away. These details will just help your family trip run much more smoothly.

Have you been skiing with the family before? Is it something you’d consider for your next vacation?


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Tips For an Epic Family Skiing Adventure

When Travels Go Wrong!! Three Travelers Share Their Worst Travel Moments

Oh Travel, how much we love that word. Many of us live our lives around Travel and the many adventures that unfold during our journeys. However, like two sides of a coin, there are bound to be certain misadventures too that end up as unwanted blips and sometimes even ruin the experience for travelers. Recently, I had more than a couple of these mishaps that halted my travel plans (for now). In this post, three bloggersBernard Tan, Anne Slater-Brooks and yours truly – collaborate to share individual experiences of the time when our travels went wrong.

Bernard Tan @ Bernard The Traveller : The infamous Thai gem scam

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I was approached by a ‘friendly’ Thai guy claiming to have worked as a teacher in Singapore, while navigating myself in Bangkok. He had mentioned that there is a temple that is opened today only and we should visit it. He stopped a tuk-tuk by the road and negotiated the price to 20 Baht. The tuk-tuk brought us to the lucky Buddha temple, at the temple we met some Thais that initiated a chat with us and ask us to head to the Thai export center.

While at the Thai export center, we purchased some small blue sapphire, and it cost us about SGD 70 after discount. The gems that we bought were worthless. We also gave the tuk-tuk more than the 20 baht that was expected from us! We were considered lucky, as others have been scammed thousands of dollars.

Read more stories and travel tips from Bernard on his blog BernardTheTraveller. Follow Bernard’s travels on Facebook and Twitter.

Anne Slater-Brooks @ TravelTheGlobe4LessNarrowly avoiding a riot in Tunis

Tunisia Beach
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The beachfront killings just a few days earlier seem to have angered the police as they systematically chase down pop up stalls, unleashing ferocious blows on those in their way, with no regard for age, sex or circumstance. We see elderly ladies thrown to the ground and trampled in the melee, pregnant women pushed aside and the growing panic of the more vulnerable.

I’m oblivious to my husband’s unease so intent am I on taking everything in, unfamiliar stores, scents of incense, street food and garbage, the occasional glimpse of a whitewashed architectural gem beckoning to me, until suddenly he grabs me and urges me to run. ‘What?’ ‘Why?’ I shriek to no avail as he drags me away from an oncoming surge of people suddenly heading furiously in our direction. We dash around a corner, flip flops slapping the floor, adrenaline pumping as we fend off bodies jostling us. The panic is electric, as though a stray spark could ignite some unthinkable violence like a scene from Lord of the Rings.

We come to a stop in an oasis of calm where my ashen husband fills me in on events which I completely failed to witness. It seems we narrowly managed to avoid becoming embroiled in a Tunisian riot, gangs throwing bricks at a police cavalcade ahead, and locals of all age and race trying desperately to get away. Shaken we leave to return to the sanctuary of our hotel unharmed but a little more aware of how quickly things can get out of hand!

Read more Anne’s journey and read her precious travel tips at TravelTheGlobe4LessFollow her travels on Facebook and Twitter

Tamshuk @ Tamz Explores : Debit card cloned, Snakebite and Severe sickness in Thailand

Photo credit @ Tamz Explores

I had set off for my travels in mid-June with a concrete plans and finances for the next 5 months. But today, I am back home in India as I write this post thinking about the mishaps I had in Thailand, especially Bangkok. On my first three days in Bangkok, my debit card got cloned and I lost more than 90% of my money  to an anonymous cash withdrawal with my card details. This I realized on the day I was leaving for Chiang Mai. Till today I am struggling to get any portion of that lost money back from any of the two banks.

Chiang Mai was really nice to me though with some great food at the night markets, lovely friends and those beautiful temples. Oh, I got bit by a snake right when I jumped into the river after a white-water rafting session. The availability of a snakebite kit saved any further “burns” for me. But the final blow came when I made another four day run to Bangkok to get myself a social visa for Indonesia – this, after I had spent a month in Indonesia using the Visa exemption facility. Already having an on and off cold, I landed in Bangkok with plans to fly off to Jakarta after four days. But, as destiny had other plans, I got sick real bad and at the end of day four when I was at the airport to fly off, I was declared “Not fit to fly” by the airport medical team. So, there ended my travel plans for now and I flew back to India!!

The purpose of this post is to highlight the fact that not all goes well when we are traveling. Long-term or even usual vacations always have the possibilities of being bitten by unfortunate incidents. With the joy of traveling and visiting different places, comes the risk of getting unintentionally involved in bad situations. Having said that, will we change the way we travel? No! Will I go back to Bangkok? Absolutely!

Collaboration Post

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When Travels Go Wrong!! Three Travelers Share Their Worst Travel Moments

The importance of Visas

A passport may be the key to the world, but this key of yours is rendered useless if you don’t have the proper visas to enter certain countries. Just a few searches on the internet will reveal that so many travelers have faced the heat at the immigration checks due to either misinformation or plain callousness regarding the Visa requirements for destination countries.

If you’re lucky enough to have a passport from Germany or Sweden, which are ranked in the top for the most powerful passports with 158 visa free zones, then travel documentation should be a breeze. Though regardless of your passport status, the first thing you need to do before buying your plane ticket is check if you need a visa for entry.

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It is obviously common knowledge to prepare the right documentation before traveling to a foreign country, but the number of times travelers fail to present a valid visa or comply with the visa restrictions is quite shocking. What seems to be a simple mistake on your part is actually a negative reflection on you, since any overstayed visa will be a recorded incident. Not to mention, it’s a terrible end to your travels.

Recently, a woman named Ivy Grace Paredes had to leave the US earlier than anticipated since she couldn’t be granted a visa on time to continue her stay. Having flown from the Philippines to join the biggest TV talent show in America, as well as the rest of the world as it is being aired in over 140 countries and becoming a household name in online gaming platforms, Paredes had to leave the X Factor early as there were problems in her application approval. This may have been beyond her control, but had she allotted more time between her application and visa expiration, maybe the situation could have been avoided.

Travel Passport
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In short, a visa indicates the purpose of your visit, thus it is important that you apply for the right one and follow the limitations set by the said visa once you’ve been granted one. This includes territories that you are allowed to visit, the number of entries, and a time limit. Visas can be extended, but the requirements are usually strict, so it is best that you plan ahead and apply for a longer stay in your initial application. For those who can travel visa free to certain destinations, they also have certain limitations as to how long they are permitted to stay. Although many places will follow the 30-day deadline, some countries will allow you to stay for a period of 60 days, or even as short as 14 days.

Photo Credit @ Tamz Explores

Visas are no joke. In order for you to have the best experiences possible on your journey around the world, make sure your passports are up to date and have legal visas prior to your travels. It is always advisable to do some basic research through official immigration websites of respective countries regarding the travel visa requirements especially because factors like visa exemptions, visa-on-arrival and the visa fees are prone to frequent changes. 

Be sensible, smart and have a blissful travel !!


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The importance of Visas

Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok

Stunning hotels, culture, history and shopping – not to mention mouth watering food. Bangkok really does have a vast range of attractions for every traveler. Bangkok is a city of contrasts where you can find historical places right next to modern day skyscrapers. You can find luxurious restaurants serving international cuisine and local street-food cards in the same neighborhood. This bustling city, Thailand’s capital, is the most developed in the country and makes for an amazing place to visit. Bangkok is a popular destination for most travelers visiting Southeast Asia whether on a luxury trip or a backpacker’s budget. You will see and experience some incredible things, and make memories that will last a lifetime for you.

Explore some amazing architecture

Source: Wikimedia

Bangkok is home to some spectacular pieces of architecture, which date back hundreds of years. There are numerous temples and museums to explore: from the Wat Mahatat to the Temple of Dawn, to the elegant gold and white Wat Traimit temple. You can also see the beautiful Grand Palace, this is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok and without a doubt the city’s most famous landmark. Besides historical monuments, Bangkok also features numerous modern breathtaking buildings from malls to skyscrapers. I personally am not a great fan of shopping malls but Bangkok really has some pretty amazing ones. The Terminal 21 shopping mall for example, is a wonderful piece of modern architecture built with an airport terminal theme. If not for the shopping, then at least for the architecture buffs these malls are a great sight. 

Stroll around and relax in the Green Spaces

When you think of Bangkok, parks and green spaces probably aren’t the first thing that come to your mind. But there are a number of them scattered across the city, They make a fantastic place to get some respite from the bustling city life and experience some calm relaxing moments. You could stroll through Saranrom Park or relax on a boat in Lumpini Park. You could rent bikes and explore Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan park and botanical gardens. There’s so much more to Bangkok than just the crowded city.

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Visit the Zoos and Aquariums

Although I am not a big fan of watching wildlife in constricted spaces, zoos and sea world aquariums are quite popular and fun for kids. Bangkok has an incredible zoo as well as a safari park, where you’re able to go and see a variety of animals. In Safari World you can see shows, have animal encounters and go on a thrilling safari drive through the picturesque park setting. Dusit Zoo features an activities ground, a zoo museum, and sightseeing train. You can see rare animals such as white Bengal tigers and albino barking deer. You could visit Bangkok’s butterfly and insect farm, or Siam Ocean World which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. Unlike other places in Thailand like Phuket, where the animals in the zoos are in dire conditions, in Bangkok they are well taken care of by the authorities so you will definitely be not disappointed to visit these places.

Shop Til You Drop

Bangkok is one of the most popular places to shop in Asia, and with good reason. Prices are affordable, the quality is good, and you will be spoiled for choice when you are out for shopping. Are you looking for an amazing street market experience? From floating markets to bazaars to even night markets you won’t be short on choice. In contrast, you also have high-end shops and boutiques you can visit in plazas and shopping centers for a totally different experience. Whether you want new, vintage or handmade, there’s something for you here.

Take a boat ride along the river

Cruising along the river

The river in Bangkok is one of the major transportation lifelines of the city and also a significant tourist attraction. Hop on one of the tourist boats or even better, take the water taxis that the locals use as a daily mode of transportation and enjoy the leisurely ride down the river while you can also enjoy the sights of some of the monuments on either side. This is a wonderful way to experience one interesting facet of Bangkok if you are looking to take a break from shopping and partying.

Have you been to Bangkok? What was the most exciting thing you did on your trip, and where would you recommend to others?


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Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok