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The importance of Visas

A passport may be the key to the world, but this key of yours is rendered useless if you don’t have the proper visas to enter certain countries. Just a few searches on the internet will reveal that so many travelers have faced the heat at the immigration checks due to either misinformation or plain callousness regarding the Visa requirements for destination countries.

If you’re lucky enough to have a passport from Germany or Sweden, which are ranked in the top for the most powerful passports with 158 visa free zones, then travel documentation should be a breeze. Though regardless of your passport status, the first thing you need to do before buying your plane ticket is check if you need a visa for entry.


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It is obviously common knowledge to prepare the right documentation before traveling to a foreign country, but the number of times travelers fail to present a valid visa or comply with the visa restrictions is quite shocking. What seems to be a simple mistake on your part is actually a negative reflection on you, since any overstayed visa will be a recorded incident. Not to mention, it’s a terrible end to your travels.

Recently, a woman named Ivy Grace Paredes had to leave the US earlier than anticipated since she couldn’t be granted a visa on time to continue her stay. Having flown from the Philippines to join the biggest TV talent show in America, as well as the rest of the world as it is being aired in over 140 countries and becoming a household name in online gaming platforms, Paredes had to leave the X Factor early as there were problems in her application approval. This may have been beyond her control, but had she allotted more time between her application and visa expiration, maybe the situation could have been avoided.

In short, a visa indicates the purpose of your visit, thus it is important that you apply for the right one and follow the limitations set by the said visa once you’ve been granted one. This includes territories that you are allowed to visit, the number of entries, and a time limit. Visas can be extended, but the requirements are usually strict, so it is best that you plan ahead and apply for a longer stay in your initial application. For those who can travel visa free to certain destinations, they also have certain limitations as to how long they are permitted to stay. Although many places will follow the 30-day deadline, some countries will allow you to stay for a period of 60 days, or even as short as 14 days.


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Visas are no joke. In order for you to have the best experiences possible on your journey around the world, make sure your passports are up to date and have legal visas prior to your travels. It is always advisable to do some basic research through official immigration websites of respective countries regarding the travel visa requirements especially because factors like visa exemptions, visa-on-arrival and the visa fees are prone to frequent changes. 

Be sensible, smart and have a blissful travel !!


21 thoughts on “The importance of Visas

  1. Paola

    What I usually find difficult is to find the information on whether I need or not to get a visa when planning a trip to a country I am not that familiar. Do you have any web site to check?

  2. Ana Ojha

    I totally agree with you! Being careful is better than being sorry later. Therefore always plan your trip and book your flights after getting your visa stamping on the passport!

  3. Ami Bhat

    Very valid thoughts. A lot of people ignore these requirements and end up either wasting time or money in cancellations and rebooking. It is best to first sort the documentation out and then ensure that the rest of your trip is well in place.

  4. carmyy

    Visas can be so stressful! I always just assumed I’d be able to travel freely as a Canadian and boy was I wrong! I’m definitely doing more research on visas now as I start planning for my 2017 trips!

  5. vishvarsha

    Getting visas on time is soooo required! It totally saves you a lot of trouble during transits and on arrival. Valuable Advice 😀

  6. Alina Popescu

    The moment Romania got into the EU, my main reason to rejoice was the fact I could travel visa free around most of Europe. Before that, I don’t think there was any country where we could travel without a visa. Some were easy, like Turkey, where you pretty much pay the tax and that’s it, some, like the US and Canada, were pretty complicated to get. Either way, you have to check visa requirements before you go. And if you can apply online, just do that, saves you a lot of time 🙂

  7. iamsuanlee

    Visas are often forgotten – I mean when people consider travel they only think about passports. It’s really important particularly as there are certain application time periods that you need to meet and take into account!

  8. Tae

    Yes, so important to have a visa – else you risk getting rejected from a country (or kicked out!) One thing’s for sure – if you make this mistake once, you’re not likely to again 😉

  9. blair villanueva

    I agree with your points, many are getting into trouble because over overlooked visa. That’s why we should be diligent to check all our travel requirements before travelling.

  10. Tom

    I too have the attitudes that the whole concept of a visa touches a nerve. A visa essentially is a conditioned permisison for you to visit a country, assuming you prove your worthiness, done by people calling themselves a government when sometimes they are clearly not. You have to give up lots of information to cross a border, and prove you’re not there to do any harm and certainly not to stay. I’m glad most countries don’t require them.

  11. gobeyondbounds

    Getting a visa is definitely a Herculean Task for some of the countries. Good that some of the countries are visa free for Indians and some other provide Visa on arrival but in any case its important to have proper documentations.

  12. The Solivagant Soul (@Thesolivsoul)

    There’s something about visas that really touches my nerve… I planned on going to Russia last summer and even thouh I had the plane tickets I decided to give up on the trip: I needed letters from the insurance company, the place were I was going to stay, and several things… and of course, nothing can be done online, so you are forced to go to the capital of your country, not only to leave the documentation but also to pick it up. And don’t start on the prices… really? 50€ to enter to Russia? It was twice my hotel for all my stay… ahhh! sorry for the vent haha… It’s a sour topic!

  13. Shane

    I feel very lucky that as an American citizen we have very few countries we require visas. I had a Bangladesh roommate who didn’t have the same luxury.

  14. The SeoulChild

    I’ve heard such horror stories about visas, so when I had to apply for mine (in order to move to SK), I probably dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s 9-10 times! But yeah, a visa can definitely make or break your trip, so it’s best to get it sorted out as soon as you’re able. Great info!

  15. Liz

    Visas definitely make and break me! I get really nervous and even depressed when applying for visas (as travel plans basically DEPEND on visas) and instantly feel like I’m on top of the world the moment I get my approved visa. 🙂 It’s an intense love-hate relationship!

  16. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    You are absolutely right! Not having a visa can ruin your trip and all your subsequent plans. People should always take not to ensure they have all the right documentation and with visas to ensure if they are valid and if the entry is single or multiple. Great advice here!

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