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The Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a set of walking trails that connect the hills and nature reserves of Southern Singapore


Starting from the Marang Trail at Mount Faber, traversing across the forests of Telok Blangah hill and all the way to Labrador Nature Reserve and Kent Ridge, this 10 km long walking trail boast of several attractions. The interestingly designed Henderson Waves bridge, the forest walk on elevated walkways 50-60 feet above the ground and the hilltop walks through Mount Faber and Telok Blangah hills are the highlights of the Southern Ridges. 

Along the Telok Blangah hill, there are a few interesting heritage bungalows that are painted only in Black and White. At various points you get panoramic views of southern Singapore and the southern Islands too. Surrounded by lush greenery at every point of the trail, this is a perfect place for a day out if you are on the lookout for serene calmness. I found an entire scenic side of Singapore on this day. A day when I explored the entire 10 km stretch in the hot sun and later in heavy rain!!

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