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The Top European Cities That Will Take Your Breath Away

When it comes to city travel, there are a lot of things that you might have on your list. Not only do you want to visit somewhere fresh and exciting, but it’s also highly likely that you’re going to want to have lots of added benefits too. When you’re adding places to your travel bucket list, you may want to think about seeing different cultures, infamous sites, eating delicious foods, learning new languages, or just generally being in a place that you’ve always wanted to see. Well, more often than not, Europe can offer it all. So let’s take a look at some of the most breathtaking cities and what they have to offer.



First up, Paris. It has to be Paris, right? This stunning city is enough to make your heart skip a beat, and that’s just the initial sites alone. It may be the most romantic city in the world, but it has so much to offer besides its beauty and charm. Paris is full of historical architecture and incredible culture; just one trip to the Louvre and you’ll be blown away. So hope on the Eurostar or take a short flight and see everything this city has to offer.


Then there’s Rome. Another fine European city with striking architecture and its own internal charm. When you walk the streets of Rome, you feel special. Every corner is stunning to see, especially the Piazzas. With a pizza in hand or a bowl of freshly prepared pasta in front of you, you can never be happy. Plus, with a trip to the Trevi Fountain or Spanish steps on the cards, you’ve got the perfect combination of food and culture.


Next, you might like to consider Prague. With the promise of a different kind of city life, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Cosmopolitan meets classic when it comes to this fine city. And with cheap flights to Prague easy to find, you’ve got no excuse not to go. See the old town square and take in its rich history, with stunning buildings and the incredible entertainment and hospitality also available, you get a blend of the best.


Then there’s always the beauty of Budapest to take in. The Hungarian capital is an architectural wonder. There’s a lot to do in Budapest, but you have to make sure you see the Chain Bridge above all else, which connects the hilly Buda with the flatter Pest. Then there’s also Buda Castle and the Budapest History Museum in the old town too. You may be all cultured out by the time you’re done, but you’ll also make memories to last a lifetime.


Last but never least, there’s London. Britain’s beautiful capital can give you an eclectic mix of everything you want to see the most. So get a central place to stay, because you’re going to need it. Visit Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament, take a ride on the London Eye or stroll past M16 for a fine slice of the London sites. Team that with the incredible shopping and wide range of cuisines, you’ll never tire of all that London has to offer.

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