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The Underrated States In The U.S That You Should Visit

The United States of America is massive. While it’s only the third biggest country in the world, the sheer amount of densely populated areas makes it feel bigger than anywhere else. Every state has its unique culture, people, and places to visit. Landscapes can vary from greenery to deserts. Whichever state you’re in, there are plenty of things to discover. It’s a particularly great destination for travelers- since there are so many unique places to see. New York, California, and Florida are some of the most-visited locations in the world for tourists. Although there are ways to avoid the tourist traps, you may want to venture further. Sometimes you can get much more out of your visits by taking in some of the lesser-known gems.

With 50 states to check out, there are plenty you may not know much about but will learn to love. Whether you’re looking for beaches, history or nightlife, there’s a state for you. Every single one has something to offer, even those which aren’t known as tourist spots. Here are some of the fantastic Underrated States of U.S you should consider visiting.


In the Midwest lies the underrated state of Missouri. It’s one of the most diverse states for geography and culture. You can get a really unique taste of America here. You may want to visit its largest city, Kansas City, which confusingly belongs to Missouri rather than Kansas. It’s a fantastic place for music lovers. It hosts many world-famous jazz clubs and even the American Jazz Museum. There’s also plenty on offer for art and history buffs. You may want to check out the National World War I Museum and Memorial or the Arabia Steamboat Museum.

A lot of the state’s charm comes from its great outdoors. There are many hiking trails which let you take in the fascinating hills, mountains, and scenery of Missouri. If you want to try some great cheese and wine, you could even take The Hermann Wine Trail. It’s one of the popular features in the state’s famous wine country.

St. Louis is another great place to check out. The Citygarden has plenty of unique sculptures and water features. It’s perfect for a relaxed stroll. Sports fans may want to visit Busch Stadium- the home of the Cardinals. There are also landmarks such as the Gateway Arch and City Museum.

North Carolina

Beach lovers in the United States usually hit the southern state of Florida or the west coast of California. Many people tend to overlook North Carolina, which has some of the finest beaches on offer. For example, you might want to visit the Outer Banks. It’s a narrow strip of islands and peninsulas hosting some incredible sands and great activities. You can try out some water sports with kayaking, kite-boarding, and surfing rentals. It also has local festivals for everything from bird watching to beer tasting.

There’s also a lot to see in the main part of North Carolina. It contains some lively college towns such as Asheville and Durham- famously the home of Duke University. These are fantastic spots for those who love bars and clubs. For something more relaxed, you could visit Asheville’s top art galleries. It’s known as one of the best US cities for lovers of art, so there’s a lot to see here. You could also venture to Raleigh, which has some delicious local cuisine as well as a range of interesting shops and museums.


Michigan has all sorts on offer, whether you want the lively city experience or some relaxing scenery. There are many beach towns set up around Lake Michigan. You can go here to sail, fish or just enjoy a laid-back holiday. One of the best tourist spots in the state is Mackinac Island. It’s a small island resort with great restaurants and fascinating historical sites. There’s also a ton of fudge, as the islanders claim to have perfected the art of making it.You may want to visit the city of Ann Arbor for some great entertainment. It’s known for its nightlife, with some unique bars, beer gardens, and live venues. It also has the Michigan Theater and plenty of museums you may want to check out.

Sports fans will also feel right at home in Michigan. It’s the home of many sports teams, such as the Lions, Tigers, and the Red Wings. There are plenty of stadiums and ice rinks to check out. You could even watch some of the highly competitive college games. It’s also worth visiting Detroit. Although the city gets a bad rap for its crime rate, it has some fascinating history and culture. It’s also the home of many creative leaders who have a lot of nice things to say about it.


Just south of New York, Pennsylvania might just be the most exciting place to visit. It has lively cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and the residents have plenty of local pride! You might want to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It has over 240,000 pieces to see, as well as some interesting tours and events to check out. The main attraction for many people, though, is the steps outside. These stairs were famously used in the training montage in the classic film Rocky. Tourists often record themselves replicating it! You can also see the Rocky statue.

While in Philadelphia, you should also try the local cuisine they’re so proud of. You may have heard of a Philly Cheesesteak before, and maybe even tried one. But nothing beats the original taste you’ll get in a Philadelphia-made one. There are also great places for Chinese food, Italian cuisine, and seafood. You may also want to visit the historic town of Gettysburg. It hosts some interesting sites, such as the Gettysburg National Military Park and many museums. You can also get a tour of the home and farm of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States. It’s the perfect spot for history buffs. There’s also a lot to see for nature lovers. Pennsylvania plays host to 121 state parks which make for a great day out. You may want to see the Valley Forge National Historic Park, which contains historical buildings and museums. You could also venture to the Bald Eagle State Park, which has 5,900 acres for hiking, picnicking, and camping.


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