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Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok

Stunning hotels, culture, history and shopping – not to mention mouth watering food. Bangkok really does have a vast range of attractions for every traveler. Bangkok is a city of contrasts where you can find historical places right next to modern day skyscrapers. You can find luxurious restaurants serving international cuisine and local street-food cards in the same neighborhood. This bustling city, Thailand’s capital, is the most developed in the country and makes for an amazing place to visit. Bangkok is a popular destination for most travelers visiting Southeast Asia whether on a luxury trip or a backpacker’s budget. You will see and experience some incredible things, and make memories that will last a lifetime for you.

Explore some amazing architecture

Bangkok is home to some spectacular pieces of architecture, which date back hundreds of years. There are numerous temples and museums to explore: from the Wat Mahatat to the Temple of Dawn, to the elegant gold and white Wat Traimit temple. You can also see the beautiful Grand Palace, this is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok and without a doubt the city’s most famous landmark. Besides historical monuments, Bangkok also features numerous modern breathtaking buildings from malls to skyscrapers. I personally am not a great fan of shopping malls but Bangkok really has some pretty amazing ones. The Terminal 21 shopping mall for example, is a wonderful piece of modern architecture built with an airport terminal theme. If not for the shopping, then at least for the architecture buffs these malls are a great sight. 

Stroll around and relax in the Green Spaces

When you think of Bangkok, parks and green spaces probably aren’t the first thing that come to your mind. But there are a number of them scattered across the city, They make a fantastic place to get some respite from the bustling city life and experience some calm relaxing moments. You could stroll through Saranrom Park or relax on a boat in Lumpini Park. You could rent bikes and explore Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan park and botanical gardens. There’s so much more to Bangkok than just the crowded city.

Visit the Zoos and Aquariums

Although I am not a big fan of watching wildlife in constricted spaces, zoos and sea world aquariums are quite popular and fun for kids. Bangkok has an incredible zoo as well as a safari park, where you’re able to go and see a variety of animals. In Safari World you can see shows, have animal encounters and go on a thrilling safari drive through the picturesque park setting. Dusit Zoo features an activities ground, a zoo museum, and sightseeing train. You can see rare animals such as white Bengal tigers and albino barking deer. You could visit Bangkok’s butterfly and insect farm, or Siam Ocean World which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. Unlike other places in Thailand like Phuket, where the animals in the zoos are in dire conditions, in Bangkok they are well taken care of by the authorities so you will definitely be not disappointed to visit these places.

Shop Til You Drop

Bangkok is one of the most popular places to shop in Asia, and with good reason. Prices are affordable, the quality is good, and you will be spoiled for choice when you are out for shopping. Are you looking for an amazing street market experience? From floating markets to bazaars to even night markets you won’t be short on choice. In contrast, you also have high-end shops and boutiques you can visit in plazas and shopping centers for a totally different experience. Whether you want new, vintage or handmade, there’s something for you here.

Take a boat ride along the river


Cruising along the river

The river in Bangkok is one of the major transportation lifelines of the city and also a significant tourist attraction. Hop on one of the tourist boats or even better, take the water taxis that the locals use as a daily mode of transportation and enjoy the leisurely ride down the river while you can also enjoy the sights of some of the monuments on either side. This is a wonderful way to experience one interesting facet of Bangkok if you are looking to take a break from shopping and partying.

Have you been to Bangkok? What was the most exciting thing you did on your trip, and where would you recommend to others?


42 thoughts on “Things to Do And See On Your Trip To Bangkok

  1. wanderingwagarschristina

    It seems like the amazing architecture can be seen at every turn! Bangkok is definitely very high on my bucket list along with visiting the rest of Thailand. When I go, I will also go on a boat ride as you suggest.

  2. Judson L Moore

    Bangkok is such a bucket list item for me! As you said, the architecture is just stunning. And I love Thai food, but I am sure that I have no idea about it since I have never been there. Hopefully this will be remedied soon! thanks for keeping the dream alive 🙂

  3. Veronica

    I’d definitely shop till I drop in BKK. I heard that it is an amazing shopping destination and as you said the prices are very affordable. I’d also love to spend a day on a boat. How long is an average tour?

    1. Tamz Post author

      I would say 5-6 days in Bangkok would suffice if you want to go for shopping and sightseeing within the city.. But I have known travelers extending their stay once they were here too.

  4. EG III

    I’ve been to Bangkok a few times and next time I go I’ll definitely have to take one of those boat rides on the river. One of the funny things I remember about my first trip to Bangkok is that I went to my first “VIP” movie theater with reclining sofas and beer on the menu lol.

  5. Laveena Sengar

    Wow.bangkok is the ultimate destination. I love this place. I am planning to visit soon. Which month or season would be apt to visit the place?

    1. Tamz Post author

      Well, the peak season is between November and March. That is when the monsoon subsides, so you could go during that time. Although,I did go there in June and August when it rained heavily for some days.

    1. Tamz Post author

      My favorite place was definitely the Floating market tour located on the outskirts of Bangkok. It was not the usual touristy ones and there were a lot of local people

  6. Milton Coyne

    oh Bangkok.. it is one of the places I really want to visit someday. I would love to witness the beauty that this place has to offer! I just find their culture truly fascinating and it would be very rewarding to explore this place someday… i think it is pretty much a default that whevener you visit Bangkok, you should never miss visiting their amazing temples

  7. Sabine

    One Night in Bangkok…*sums that stupid song* Great now it’s stuck in my head xD Great list of things to do…never been there, but as so many other places it is up on my list…so how long would you recommend to stay in Bangkok when visiting?

    1. Tamz Post author

      You should go there at least once in your life. You will either love or hate the place because it is a city of extremes. I would suggest 5-6 days at least

    1. Tamz Post author

      To see the city I would say 4-5 days.. Add a day or two depending on your pace.. Yeah I missed out on the floating markets in this post, thats bad. However, I did post an entire article on a floating market tour earlier in June 🙂

  8. Subhadrika Sen

    If I ever go to Bangkok it would be for its vibrant architecture and nightlife. These two are primary on my list. then comes a nice relaxing day at the near the waters and gorging on some great street foods.

  9. karen278

    I haven’t been to Bangkok for ages, but I need to go back soon, now I have seen and remembered how fabulous it is from your photos! Such a great city….

  10. Indrani

    I haven’t been to the zoos and aquariums there, but otherwise the major land marks seen. Good comprehensive list by you. Covers different aspects.
    One more thing to do would be: Beware of tuk tuk drivers!!! 🙂

  11. Liana

    It seems there are so much and many things to do in Bangkok besides eating and strolling around. Food is so important, but I have a love for the architecture and for zoos haha! They are the best place to go also! I love those kind of articles and the photos are just so good Tamz!

  12. 100cobbledroads

    Bangkok…the stopover city for Thailand beaches. A friend of mine stopped-over recently and messaged me “lIke every other city, Bangkok too, has a personality of its own. I’m sure it will appeal to many 🙂

  13. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    My brothers have both been to Bangkok and they’ve attested that it’s really a shopper’s delight! I’m not aware of the other sights there though as they didn’t do much else. I do hope to visit this amazing place someday. 🙂

  14. Dunja

    Bangkok (and Thailand in general) are on my travel bucket list since i made that list. I want to go there so much. I think i would enjoy boat ride and architecture the most, as well as botanical gardens. It’s so far from where i live which is the reason i didn’t visited it yet, but one day i’ll do it for sure!

  15. Terumi

    We’ve never been to Bangkok but it always sounds like such a neat place. I love that you included a list of zoos and green spaces because we always like to check out places like this when we travel and I’d love to visit Bangkok someday.

  16. blair villanueva

    Bangkok is indeed beautiful no doubt about that, and way cheap i mean for shopping and food and even accommodation.

    This is another place I would never get tired, coz there is always NEW!

  17. Rej

    Thailand is really in my travel bucketlist! I will keep in mind all that you’ve mentioned above. That cruise along the river seem so interesting! And I also love the architecture of the picture you have included!

  18. Dominic

    I’ve been to Bangkok twice or thrice already and I could say I’ve almost visited most of their tourist spots. I’ve never been to Saranrom Park though and that temple looks really amazing. The last time I went to Bangkok, it was flooding in the city. But I really enjoyed shopping there because it’s cheap especially in Jatujak.


  19. vishvarsha

    Not too much into shopping so that is not what I might do in Bangkok. But I totally agree with the rest 😀 Grand Palace and the Wats are a must visit!

  20. Ann Balisbis

    This is my second time to read a blog about Bangkok and it made me crave for it even more! I’m now thinking to push through with our plan in visiting the place next year! Waaaah The Temples in your photos are really marvelous. I really want to see them in person and be amazed of how grand it is through my own eyes. I didn’t know that they have one of the largest aquariums in SEA because when you say Bangkok, the only thing that comes to my mind are the temples. Well, there really is more than just one thing in a country that’s why you really have to explore.

  21. John Rodgers

    I find myself in Bangkok since Chiang Mai is our travel hub. The city is kind a mess to find your way around in but the one thing I love most is the shopping and KahoSan Road at night. I get such great night street shots there.

  22. Jessica Ayun

    I like the shift from contemporary architecture to green scapes. So much to do in Bangkok that I could stay here for a week, minimum. From culture to food and from people to places. Heard that shopping is a must in Bangkok. haha. have to when I go there.

  23. nilyncartagena

    Bangkok is one of the nearest places in Southeast asia to visit from the PH. I’d be very happy if I can visit this beautiful country one day. Of course, I’d love to do it with my hubby and son tagging along. It’s always different when you’re with your loved ones.

  24. Mia Foo

    i’ve been to bangkok, about 3 or 4 times till date. and every bangkok trip, it was a shop till you drop and cafehop until your tummy burst kind of trips! would love to visit the palace and other more sightseeing places, but somehow…. for the past 4 trips I couldn’t have enough time to shop & cafehop, hence the sightseeing itinerary just kept getting cancelled at the very last minute.
    I highly recommend cafehopping in bangkok, though, they have the nicest cafes that serves quality food!


    As always, a great post, Tam. I have never been to Thailand and whenever I see photos, Bangkok is so unique. Its architecture is distinct and incredibly beautiful. I know the people there are really nice and for sure, as a tourist, the city itself may offer a wonderful experience, but it is also outside of Bangkok where the wonders of the world could also be found.

  26. Kassie- The Fly Away Life

    Love Bangkok so much! It’s one of my most favorite cities. I really enjoyed visiting the Grand Palace. I couldn’t get over how intricately decorated each and every building was. I also loved all of the mega shopping malls in the city. Such a great city!

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