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Things You Must Do Before You Travel Abroad

Few things in life are more exciting than travelling. After all, you’re visiting a brand new country, or returning to a much loved one, ready to have an exciting adventure filled with exotic foods, glorious views and taking pictures of incredible tourist spots that were made for social media! However, before you think about which bikini looks best or if you should take your new GoPro with you to get loads of footage while out and about, we do need to remind you of some of the more unglamorous but absolutely critical tasks that you may have forgotten.

Look At What’s Covered By Your Insurance

If you’re lucky your travel insurance information will stay quietly out of sight the entire trip, but sadly accidents do happen, you could get sick or even have your belongings stolen. Check to see how much your insurance covers you for if a flight’s cancelled, your luggage is lost or if the worst happens and you end up in hospital. Depending on what sort your trip you’re going on you may be better off with a different insurance plan, for instance, if you’re not going backpacking, or plan on doing loads of activities do you need a plan that covers extreme sports like whitewater rafting, canoeing or even bungee jumping?

Check Your Documents Are All Correct

It isn’t unheard of for people to turn up at the airport without their passport, arrive at their hotel with no booking confirmation or even lose the itinerary of what they’re meant to be doing. It may sound excessive, but it’s important to check and the recheck everything from flight details and check in times, to airport transfers and even the details of your accommodation. Keep everything together in a good size pouch, or wallet that you can easily reach as well as any Visa or ESTA details on which there’s more information here.  It may also be useful to check any travel updates of the country you’re headed for as things like civil unrest, natural disasters and even airport strikes can cause problems.

Consider An Emergency Credit Card

No, an emergency isn’t classed as another pair of designer shoes from a local boutique but is there for if you lose your travel money, have your wallet stolen or accidentally run out of money early. This way you won’t be left penniless in a foreign country but do be aware that there will be a charge for making cash withdrawals, or using the card abroad and these charges can vary depending on who you bank with.

Make A List Of Useful Contact Numbers

Sounds silly doesn’t it to write out all those contact details when your phone or tablet is sitting right there? Well, not all outlets are the same as those at home, in fact European, American and Asian outlets differ massively, and you may not get back to your accommodation before you phone runs out. This way in a crisis you’ll have the number of your local guide, the nearest medical clinic and even information on the closest embassy. It may also be worth buying a cheap, pay as you go phone with a local sim card and leave your expensive, flashy smartphone behind.

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