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Tips For an Epic Family Skiing Adventure

If you’re bored of beaches and want to do something different, why not consider a family skiing holiday? Packed full of adventure and mind-blowing sights of snow topped mountains, it’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry. With the cold seasons quickly approaching, a stunning winter wonderland could be just what you need to finish 2016 in style and make it a winter you’ll never forget. If you’re planning on a family skiing adventure, here are a few tips to bear in mind!

Get The Right Insurance

Skiing holidays require different travel insurance than your average family vacation. That’s because due to the nature of them, they come with more risks. Make sure you choose something that covers you for everything. You don’t want to end up out of pocket if you do end up in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a claim. You need a specialist cover, designed to protect you both on and off the slopes. This will include standard travel insurance that protects your luggage against theft or loss, delays, and cancellations too.

Decide On Your Destination and Accommodation

Different destinations around the world will be best suited to different months of the year. So do your research to find out where is most likely to have snow in the month you want to visit. Next, you’ll need to find out the best place to stay. When traveling with a family, you’ll need suitable accommodation. Something that’s close by to the slopes is ideal, and if you want to dine or go shopping, then you’re best choosing something with good routes to the nearby village. For example, Meribel in France is located in the village but is also close to France’s huge Trois Vallées ski area. A quick search will show where to stay in Meribel village depending on what you’re after. France remains the most popular European winter destination and for a good reason. Canada, Austria, and Switzerland are also options worth considering. The US has a ton of great skiing destinations to look into as well.

Get Kitted Up

When you’re out on the snowy mountains, it’s going to be cold- extremely so. Making sure you’re wrapped up warm (especially when it comes to children) is essential. If you don’t want to invest in all new clothing items to use, many places allow you to hire them so that’s something to look into. Especially for children, as even if you plan on going skiing every year, they’re likely to have grown out of everything before you get a chance to go again. This site has more information about what you should bring.

Pre-Book What You Can

If you’re booking skiing or snowboard lessons, excursions or anything else, have it done ahead of time. This saves you from standing around waiting for tickets, or having to make phone calls or chase things up while you’re away. These details will just help your family trip run much more smoothly.

Have you been skiing with the family before? Is it something you’d consider for your next vacation?


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