Why Thailand??
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Why Thailand??

Four reasons why I love Thailand

Two years, eight destinations, one country – that has been the quantitative story of my journey through Thailand for me till now. If I were to pen down each of the different kinds of experiences I have had in this country, it would be no less than a 500 page book of roller-coaster like proportions. From snakebites, accidents, being chased by wild boars out of a jungle, getting my debit card cloned to eating some amazing food, camping on idyllic islands and beautiful beaches, I have seen a lot in Thailand. Today, what remains with me of this wonderful country are four good reasons why I will go back there again.


Even before I had set foot in Thailand, I was already a big fan of Thai Food. From the legendary Tom Yum to the irresistible Phad Thai or the pleasantly spicy Som Tum, I can go on and on about Thai food. There is not a thing I don’t love about Thai cuisine partially because I have a decent tolerance level for spiciness as Thai food can be very spicy but more so because of the depth of all the unique flavors that emancipate from the food. Whether it is the floating and food markets in Bangkok or the night food bazaar in Chiang Mai, the food in Thailand will never cease to satisfy your taste-buds.


Thai people

Cheerful elderly couple at Chiang Mai night bazaar

Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for a reason – the people of Thailand. Everybody who has been to Thailand or has Thai friends elsewhere, will agree with me that Thai people are a cheerful bunch. Whether you are in the big bustling Bangkok or the calm quiet Pai, the local people are always seen with a smile on their faces. Even though the people of Thailand (like most of South-East Asian countries) are struggling with their own problems and lesser privileges as compared to the other developed countries in the region (Singapore, Japan etc), they do not let that factor become a burden or a source of constant unhappiness. Majority of us travelers will swear by the Thai hospitality towards visitors.



Rawai Hill in Phuket, Thailand

Stunning white-sand beaches, lush green forests, hilly terrains, rocky roads, meandering rivers – name it and you’ll find it here. Well, except for snow-capped mountains!! Although mostly popular for the beautiful beaches and islands, there is a lot more to Thailand than sea, sun and sand. The greenery around the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand such as Pai and Chiang Mai are a pleasant contrast to the vibrant city life of Bangkok or the many lovely islands in the Andaman Sea.   


Colorful paintings on display in the busy streets of Phuket

Yes, this might be a surprising one. For me this turned out to be the most attractive aspect of Thailand. I have lived in some places which range from comfortable to perfect (Milan, Singapore). That is why I crave for a little bit of chaos where I won’t get annoyed for not getting a taxi or missing the 9 AM bus. This need not always been a bad thing as I experienced in Thailand. It was pleasantly chaotic and not annoyingly chaotic. I didn’t mind the honking of vehicles or not being able to walk at a brisk pace along the streets of Patong, nor did I mind the occasional traffic jams. I realized I did not want to walk briskly past anyone, I did not want to rush to catch any bus or train, instead I just went with the casual and relaxed flow of this beautiful country.

Everyone has a go-to song, book, movie. Thailand was my go-to place at a time when I was going through some tough times in my personal life. As I was sailing away on a boat in the Andaman Sea on a fine day, I actually beginning to realize the true meaning of Freedom. My friends and family keep saying that there is no need to go back to that country after some unfortunate incidents that happened in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. But would I stop crossing the road for the fear of getting hit by a speeding car?? You know the answer.


18 thoughts on “Four reasons why I love Thailand

  1. Why Thailand?? Tae

    Yep, I agree with ALL of these! Especially the chaos — there really is something nice about having pure mayhem in a place and Thailand def nails it. And now I’m craving some Thai food!

  2. Why Thailand?? Anamika Ojha

    Thailand is one such South East Asian country on my bucket list which I would definitely visit in my life. I am fascinated by its surreal Thai islands, beaches and magnificent world-class resorts and hotels!

  3. Why Thailand?? Janine Good

    I loved Thailand when I was there. I only got to the South and explored Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Bangkok, but your piece got me reminiscing on my trip as your reasons to love the nation compare to mine.

  4. Why Thailand?? Alina Popescu

    I envy you for having seen Thailand! I’ve been dreaming to go there for so long! Luckily, I had a chance to taste the cuisine. The first time was about 8 years ago in Toronto 😀 It was love at first taste.

  5. Why Thailand?? EG III

    Chaos was a surprise addition to that list. But it’s funny that you mention that because in the past I’ve described Thailand as the Wild Wild West of Asia, so chaos is a fitting term.

  6. Why Thailand?? Rashmi and Chalukya

    Thailand has long been on radar for those amazing landscapes and definitely the food. Great to know that the locals are a happy-go-lucky people which does matter a lot to the tourists interested to explore a destination like locals.

  7. Why Thailand?? Indrani

    My stay there too was good. People are so friendly and I remember couple of them saying Thais and Indians are cousins. 🙂 And I too love the chaos there.

  8. Why Thailand?? Shane

    Authentic Thai food was the best and I was pleasantly surprised by he friendly locals! Wish I would’ve ventured more outside of Phuket though.

  9. Why Thailand?? verushka

    I have not been to Thailand yet but will soon especially as South Africans do not need visas to visit. The food looks amazing as well as the colourful street art.
    I too found after a break up Travel on my own was a good remedy for the soul

  10. Why Thailand?? blair villanueva

    Glad that you love the life in Thailand. Means you will survive in any places you go. I still cant get over the part that you were chased by a wild boar!

  11. Why Thailand?? John Rodgers

    I have to agree with everything you said about Thailand and for me the most important ate the people there. We spend a few months each year in Chiang Mai and regroup usually during the winter. We have made many friends with both expats and local business owners there and we always get a warm welcome even if we have been gone they still know who we are instantly.

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