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Why did I start travelling solo

Answering this question was probably a turning point in my life.
I was(still am) going through the daily grind of a “good paying, 10-12 hrs a day job in the IT industry”. My life till now involved responding to and negotiating with clients, managing my own small team, getting burnt out etc etc.These are not the only reasons and definitely not the most important reason i took up to solo travel.
I’ve been at this job now for 8 years and I am doing quite good at it.

A very good reason would be a more obvious one – freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, meet anybody, do anything and not being bound by the constant preferential concerns for a company. Yes, it is a very important factor. After all, every solo traveler swears by this one.

A friend of mine once quoted “Some tragedies are long-drawn, silent, numbing, just simmering beneath the surface of our daily lives, buried under nuances of so many little routines”. So very true. The agony of personal lows, losses and broken relationships tend to simmer below the surface of daily routine and eventually suck the passion out of us. We all are passionate about that one particular thing in our lives; sometimes some people need a push to realize that passion. For me that push came from the above quote from my friend. Freedom indeed is what I want.


I am soon-to-be 30 and I want to step out and reach out to as many nook and corners of the earth. I realize that the earth wasn’t created just to rotate on its axis. Neither were humans created just to have a heavy bank balance and surround themselves with the latest gadgets. The whole earth is my home and I just want to see my home. Sounds silly, but it is true.

So, I am travelling solo because I want to feel my freedom. I want to leave my problems and worries aside.
I want to experience what my eyes see!!

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