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Paris: The City We All Francy

Paris is the city of love. Noting that is almost unnecessary by this point, as merely seeing a picture of this beautiful place is enough to make anybody fall in love. The lighting, the architecture, the food and even the air oozes with romance and passion. Of course, it’s not just a city in which you can fall in love, but it’s a city to love. That’s what makes it so special. Whether you want to go here with a partner or your entire family, this eclectic haven of modernity and tradition is a hub of culture, creativity and entertainment for all manners of people.

Yes, there’s something for everyone in Paris, but does that mean you should do everything? Well, even if you wanted to, I’m not sure you could… Take it easy there, Casanova. I know you love the place, but you need to take baby steps. Here’s some advice for those of you looking to plan a visit to beautiful Paris.

Remove all stresses and worries.
When you’re going on holiday, the last thing you want to do is worry unnecessarily whilst you’re there. Preparation is key, because, when you’re in the beautiful city of Paris itself, you’re most likely going to be caught up in the splendour of the lights, gorgeous little restaurants and majestic monuments. You’re not going to be thinking about boring or technical nonsense. Get your backup plans in order, and that means trivial things such as handwriting a list of contact details.

In the modern world solutions such as this might seem odd, but when technology lets you down you need a backup plan; especially when you’re abroad. You don’t know when you might need to call someone important back home. In addition, if you’re returning to France for the tenth, or perhaps even the ten-millionth time, then you could check out the ETIAS information for France to see if the new visa waiver applies to you.

Don’t worry about travel.
Paris is one of those cities in which every street corner is beautiful. You don’t need to take trains or buses to get around, because simply walking down the most unassuming and quaint street is an experience. The French word “flaneur” was designed for this purpose. No, I’m not making it up. Unlike the rest of the world, Parisians actually love walking around for the sheer fun of it; so much so that they created a word to describe the experience!

Obviously you’ll want to travel to see the Eiffel Tower, and maybe you might want to visit Disneyland if you’re the proud parent of a few reckless, restless children who want to see something more than unbelievable cultural heritage. Still, for the most part, Paris is packed with amazing cafés, patisseries, art galleries and splendid scenery at every turn. You’ll never have to go far to see something incredible.

Absorb the history.
The stunning sights around Paris are more than just pretty faces; they offer a lot in the way of education too. A traditional, ancient city such as Paris has incredible stories behind all of its beauty, and you can learn all about it in a way which doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out from stress.

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