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Bali Diaries : Mesmerizing Munduk

“What are you thinking?”, she asked me as I stared at the roaring waterfall in the midst of the lush green forest while the clouds above moved around with glee ...
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Handling Indonesia Like A True Local

There can be places in the world that don't get their fair share of promotion, there are so many little tucked away corners of the world that are hiding wonderful ...
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Indonesia : Five Reasons Why I Loved Gili Trawangan Island

What is it about island getaways that is so irresistible? Is it the feeling of a free laid back life while being surrounded with so many elements of nature that ...
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Five places for best local food in Bali

Indonesian cuisine has been widely admired by food lovers and travelers across the globe. In fact, the food in Indonesia is regarded as one of the best in the world ...
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Indonesia : A Fascinating Journey Through Tana Toraja

"Safe and Lucky that I was born in the land of Tana Toraja, island of Sulawesi" - These are the words that signify the spirit of the people and the ...
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Indonesia : Meet the Lovely Little Village of Balebo in Sout

Indonesia - a country I keep going back to. Yes I have only been to Bali and the Gili Islands before but still there is something about this country that ...
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Amid a forgotten piece of history at Gili Trawangan

It is not that often you come across World War ruins while visiting a south-east Asian tropical island with white sandy beaches. Or one would be tempted to think so ...
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Catching my first wave in Bali

I was looking to do something new, something I haven't tried before but I did not plan for anything before I left for Bali. So, when I was there strolling ...
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